Yannis Paulus, M.D. | Retina Surgical Specialist, Michigan Medicine

Sight is such an important
gift that we all have. And I picked surgical retina,
because it’s really an amazing field where we can make a huge difference on that gift of sight. And it’s the improvement
of sight of the patients that really drove me to the field, and makes me love the field so much. Being part of Michigan Medicine, brings a lot of advantages to patients. We’re able to leverage the expertise of experts in every medical subspecialty that you can possibly imagine. It’s a very team approach, we are all here and working together to
get you to see the best that we possibly can. And we have amazing facilities,
we have amazing staff and we all work together with
the most up to date technology so we bring that to bear with you. So that we can get you seeing as best as anyone could anywhere
in the entire world.

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