WK Eye Institute Cataract Surgery Video Tour

Welcome. I’m Dr. Stephen Lewis. I’d like
to take you on a guided tour through your cataract surgery experience. Before
your surgery we will perform a thorough eye examination.
This helps us determine whether traditional cataract surgery or the
advanced laser cataract surgery will offer you the best result. Your doctor
will also discuss the various types of lens implants including those that
correct astigmatism and multifocal implants. What I’m going to demonstrate
three years is actually what a cataract is. We may be able to correct both
distance and near vision which could minimize or eliminate your need for
glasses. Following surgery your surgical coordinator will review insurance
coverage, coordinate the additional paperwork required and help you choose
dates for surgery. Before your surgery we’ll call you to review preoperative
instructions and confirm your arrival time. The newly renovated Willis-Knighton Eye Surgery Center is located on the third floor of the Willis-Knighton Eye
Institute. When you arrive you and your family will be greeted by staff members
who are specially trained to make your experience warm and friendly. If can
folk and friends call to check on you for this go-around is it okay.
The nurses will review your medical history and are prepared to answer any
questions you may have. Our anesthesia department is staffed by an
anesthesiologist and nurse anesthetist who will ensure your cataract surgery
experience will be comfortable. You will then be escorted into the surgical suite
for your procedure. Your cloudy natural lens will be removed and replaced with
the lens implant chosen to give you the best possible vision following surgery.
The surgery typically takes less than 15 minutes. Afterward our staff will reunite
you with your family offer, your refreshments and review your home care
instructions. We recommend that you go home and rest for several hours. Your
puils will still be dilated and your vision may still be blurry. As your eye
heals your vision will improve. A member of our staff will contact you on the day
of your surgery to ensure you are recovering as expected, answer any
questions you may have regarding your surgery and confirm your follow-up
appointment. We hope that this tour of your cataract surgery experience has
been beneficial and has answered any questions you may have. If you need
something more please contact one of our offices and we’ll be happy to help you.
We hope that you will give us the opportunity to make a difference in the
way you see.

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