Will I Need Glasses After Cataract Surgery? Dr. Walton Explains

Needing glasses after cataract surgery is
a very common question. I get this from almost every consultation
that I do for cataract surgery. And there are several options now because
we do have laser-assisted, or bladeless, cataract surgery with what we call the LenSx. And that procedure or option will actually
allow you to be seeing perfectly without prescription glasses and, in some cases, readers. And it’s a great option, it’s not covered
by insurance. It’s similar to LASIK surgery in terms of
the cost. But it’s a great investment in your self because
it’s a lifetime guarantee. The other option is conventional, which is
covered by insurance 100 percent, but you’ll probably need bi-focal glasses to get that
good vision. So basically it’s a lifestyle decision, a
personal decision, and I always allow the patient to – we make the decision together,
to make the best informed decision for his or her lifestyle. So if you have any further questions, please
call me, Dr. Chris Walton, at 251-341-3385. Or you can reach me online at www.WaltonVision.com.

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