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• From whether cats always land on their
feet to if dogs only see in black and white, we answer 10 of your most burning questions
about cats and dogs • Hey there, my name is Shima, I’ll be reading
out the questions and answers • I’m Danger Dolan and I’m here to blow
your mind with truth 10 – Do cats really have nine lives?,
• No, of course not. They actually travel back through time to warn themselves about
the car that’s about to hit them, or to maybe not finish chewing through electrical
wire – but after the 9th time their time travelling fuel runs out and they must return
to their home planet, CATANIA • No, they only have one life just like
everyone else. They’re so quick at getting out of danger though that people used to joke
about a cat having more than one life. 9 – Why do dogs like it when we pet them?,
• Rubbing a dogs fur actually gives them energy to run around and play games – if
you were to never pat a dogs fur again, eventually it would completely run out of energy and
slowly turn into a statue – which is why we find so many cat and dog statues buried
in the sands of Egypt • Dogs groom each other to show love and
that they are part of the same group or pack. Petting your dog is kind of like this—it
tells them that you love them and that they are a part of your family, your pack!
8 – Do cats always land on their feet?, • Of course! And if you strap buttered toast
to a cat’s back, it’ll turn into an anti-gravity machine! Since the cat can’t land on its feet
and toast NEVER lands buttered-side down, the cat will float in mid-air – go ahead,
TRY IT • When a cat falls, they twist their body
around so that their feet touch the ground first. Sometimes though, they don’t have enough
time to flip around and they can’t land on their feet.
7 – Do dogs dream?, • No, because overnight a dogs brain melts
into goo and slowly rebuilds itself into a new shiny brain by morning – we don’t
know why this happens but it explains why some dogs don’t remember how to sit when
you ask them to • Though we don’t know for sure why dogs
or even people dream, scientists think that all mammals—warm furry animals—dream.
So when you see your dog’s legs twitching or hear them softly barking while you know
they’re napping, that means they’re dreaming! 6 – Why do cats hate the water?,
• Have you ever heard of Schrodinger’s cat? Mister Schrodinger was giving his cat
a wash one evening when he accidentally dropped it into the water – and you know what it
did to the cat? The awful, brutal truth? The water soaked into the cats skin and transformed
it into a DOG • When soaked, cat fur gets heavy and the
cat doesn’t like it since they can’t shake out their coats as good as dogs can. However,
every cat is different and some love the water, especially if they live in a hot and dry home!
5 – Do dogs really only see in black and white?,
• Dogs have been around since the 1960s and TVs could only show black and white videos
back then, but nowadays everything is in colour and dog scientists haven’t been able to
figure out how colour works yet, but they’re getting close
• Nope! Though they don’t see as many colours, dogs do see in colour. Dogs also tend to be
near-sighted—they can see stuff close up but things get blurry far away—however they
can see moving things at a distance much better than people can!
4 – Why do cats rub their faces on everything?, • This is their way of apologising for something,
but it’s up to you to figure out what it is – they might’ve chewed up your Nintendo
console, clawed the face off your Elsa doll, or left a stinky brown package on your bedsheets
• When a cat runs its face on something, it leaves their smell on it. By doing this,
a cat can make their home smell more like them, which makes them feel safe. When cats
do this to you, it’s their way of getting to know you and also showing you their love.
3 – Why are there so many different kinds of dogs?,
• Once upon a time there was only one dog, but he got exposed to radiation and his puppies
mutated into weird subspecies – all with superpowers. Initially they fought crime but over the years
they’ve gotten lazy so now they just bark a lot and request food
• A long time ago, when dogs first came to live with people, people wanted their dogs
to be able to do certain things for them. Over time, by always picking those dogs with
those abilities, dogs changed based on what was being asked of them. For example, bloodhounds
got super sensitive noses and greyhounds became sleek and fast!
2 – Do cats and dogs have super powers?, • You won’t believe this, but cats have
the power to push a single pen off an entire desk, and dogs can walk around on FOUR LEGS
– go home Kangaroo, because a cat can sleep SEVERAL TIMES A DAY *WOAH*
• In a way, they do! They can’t fly or lift cars like super heroes, but a dog’s nose is
WAY more sensitive that a person’s, around a thousand to a million times better! Cats
can see in the dark six to eight times better than people—that’s like wearing night vision
goggles! 1 – Can cats and dogs get jobs?
• They already do have jobs, while you’re off at school or asleep, cats and dogs are
busy deducting tax from your parents superannuation and inventing squeakier chew toys that they
hope you’ll buy for them one day – and you definitely should
• Of course! Both cats and dogs cuddle and relax with patients in hospitals and even
visit grandparents in retirement homes to keep them company. Dogs can also work as guide
dogs for the blind, herd sheep and other animals, and even help rescue people.


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