When Construction Goes Wrong

Number 10 Xie
While working at a construction site in China’s Anhui Province, a 47-year-old man sustained
a brutal injury that could have ended his life. The man, only identified as Xie, lost his
footing and fell from a platform. He then landed on a protruding reinforced
steel bar. The metal rod pierced his abdomen from left
to right and came out the other side. Xie was unable to move and members of the
fire service were called on site. They cut the base of the bar and the worker
was rushed to the hospital with the 4-foot piece of metal still in his abdomen. This is standard practice in such situations,
in order to prevent blood loss and to reduce the risk of secondary injuries. Amazingly, CT scans revealed that Xie hadn’t
suffered any critical damage to his internal organs. Today’s video was requested by king_gamer9386. If you have any other topics you’d like to
learn about subscribe and let us know in the comments section below. Number 9 William Bartron
Pennsylvania construction worker William Bartron accidentally cut off his hand while operating
a power saw. By the time he arrived at Bethlehem hospital,
the man also had at least a dozen 1-inch nails protruding from his scalp. It was later determined that Bartron himself
had fired the nail gun into his head. According to the police, he was overwhelmed
by the pain of losing his hand, and had tried to end his ordeal. Fortunately, doctors were able to stabilize
his condition, remove the nails and reattach his limb. Number 8 Accident in Manhattan
In May, 2014, a construction company was replacing a ruptured water main in midtown Manhattan,
in New York City. In what was described as a “freak occurrence”
a 3-foot-wide saw blade got detached and went flying across the street. The giant blade was reportedly used for cutting
through concrete. It travelled about 100 feet, at great speed,
hit a tree and then struck a woman on the sidewalk. The incident was captured on nearby surveillance
cameras. The woman was taken to the hospital with a
deep gash in her leg but her condition was otherwise stable. A stop order was issued for the construction
project, until an investigation could determine how the blade had broken loose. Number 7 Patrick Lawler
For roughly a week, construction worker Patrick Lawler had been complaining to his wife about
a severe toothache. He’d tried ice and painkillers but couldn’t
ease the pain. Lawler went to the dentist’s where an X-Ray
revealed a 4-inch nail which had plunged into his brain. The man thought that the doctors were joking
and he had no idea how the piece of metal ended up embedded in his skull. It seems that a nail gun backfired on him
while he was working in a ski resort town, in the Colorado Mountains. The power tool fired a nail into a piece of
wood nearby. Unbeknownst to Lawler, a second nail had shot
through the roof of his mouth, barely missing his right eye. Neurosurgeons successfully removed the object
from his brain and commented on how lucky he’d been. They reportedly told Lawler “If you’re
going to have a nail in the brain, that’s the way you want it to be”. Number 6 Sanjay Bahe
21-year-old Sanjay Bahe was doing repair work at a site in Balaghat, central India, when
he fell down a well. The construction worker landed head-first
on an iron rod which speared through his head. It pierced his skull on the right temporal
region of his brain and came out the left frontal region. Bahe was taken to the hospital where he entered
a critical state of hypotension. Doctors gave him blood and operated for an
hour and a half to remove the rod from his head. The surgery was performed with caution to
avoid causing damage to surrounding tissue. In the end, the metal rod was taken out safely
with little bleeding and no complications. His main venous sinus to the brain was preserved
by less than an inch. Bahe was expected to make a full recovery
and he was also given treatment to avoid meningitis, a common occurrence with such injuries. Number 5 Sergio Cruz
In 2019, one construction worker was killed and four others were injured while working
at a construction site at the University of California San Diego. A 35-foot wall of metal, from a future high-rise
on the campus, had collapsed. The massive steel frame caught worker Sergio
Cruz and crushed his head. He was taken to Scripps Memorial Hospital
where he was later pronounced dead. It’s still unclear what had caused the solid
rebar columns to bend over “like blades of grass” as one witness put it. The incident took place in 2019 and in the
past decade the company operating the site has been involved in 13 other investigations. Number 4 Petra Novotnz
Czech Woman Petra Novotnz was scalped and had pieces of her face peeled off while working
with a powerful electric drill. The mother-of-four had been using the power
tool with her hair in a ponytail. At some point the rotating device caught a
few strands of hair and got wrapped around it. The drill then pulled the rest of Novotnz’s
hair and jerked her face forward. As it continued to spin, it peeled back the
skin in a straight line from the top of her nose and eyes over to the back of the head. Novotnz was basically scalped by the power
tool and also had her eyebrows and eyelids ripped off. Her cries alerted the neighbors and the woman
was taken to a hospital in critical condition. Almost half her skull had been left exposed. The mangled remains of her scalp couldn’t
be reattached so doctors operated immediately using skin grafts from her arms and legs. The operation took almost 9 hours and was
ultimately successful. Novotnz would be left with a scar across her
face, from ear to ear. Had doctors not operated so quickly and effectively
she could’ve died or she been left severely disfigured. Number 3 Guillermo Barason Escapre
In 2018, Guillermo Barason Escapre was working on an elevator at a site in Zamboanga City,
in the Philippines. He was tasked with dismantling the elevator
at a mall that was under construction. As he was preparing to do so, the 38-year-old
worker didn’t notice the counterweight that was hanging above him. He cut the elevator’s cable line and the
1,100-pound weight fell on his body. Escapre was cut in half and died instantly. Number 2 Impaled Worker
A Chinese construction worker miraculously survived after a rebar shot through his backside
and into his chest. The incident took place in 2018 and has been
described as one of the most horrific construction site accidents in recent years. The unnamed man had fallen 6 feet from a platform
and became impaled on the protruding 31-inch metal rod. According to one of the doctors who’d subsequently
operated on him, three quarters of the rebar had plunged into his body through his buttock. The bar stopped inside his chest cavity. While doctors did manage to stabilize the
worker’s condition, he’d suffered damage to several internal organs, including one
of his lungs. Number 1 Ron Hunt
Ron Hunt was standing on a 6-foot ladder and drilling over head at a site in Truckee, California. At one point he pushed the drill too hard
and the ladder started wobbling under his feet. As he fell, Hunt tried to follow standard
procedure and drop the power tool that was still in his hand. Unfortunately, he was unable to throw it far
away enough and landed face-first on an 18-inch long, 1.5-inch thick drill bit. It pierced through his right eye socket and
came out the back of his head. Commenting on the accident, Hunt only remembers
thinking “Am I going to die?” Another worker found him skewered on the drill,
and wrapped a shirt around his head and the drill to stop the bleeding. Hunt was airlifted to a medical center in
Reno, Nevada. Miraculously, the drill bit had pushed his
brain aside rather than through it, which spared the worker from brain damage, paralysis
or a gruesome death. Instead of cutting the drill bit off, doctors
determined that the safer approach was to unscrew it from the man’s skull. Hunt ultimately survived the accident but
lost an eye and had titanium plates inserted to fix his fractured skull. Thanks for watching! Be sure to click on one of the links on your
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