What’s So Special About Cataract Canyon?

Cataract Canyon at high flows has the biggest river waves in the continental U.S. when you first go in
you’re like wow, this is an
incredible place it makes you feel so tiny so you get to kind of just
sit back, relax soak up the sun as the walls are just
jutting up beside you there are some really cool hikes
you can do there too there’s a notch hike where you hike up
over a saddleback and the boats go
around in a big loop and come and pick you up once you hit the confluence and start going
into the canyon it’s a totally
different world it’s pretty much
game on for rapids in the high-water
months it’s magical it’s intense more rapids than
anybody could want but then you come out
and it opens up again It really makes you appreciate
where you’ve been and where you’re going

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