What you need to know about eye emergencies

Hi there! I’m Ranjeet Bajwa from one of the optometry
in Ventura, California. I want to talk to you today briefly about
some common eye emergencies that we hear from patients that you should know about. One of the most common issues that we came
across is flashing lights or floaters in your vision. If you’re experiencing a sudden onset of
flashes or floaters, we do recommend contacting your eye care professional to be seen to make
sure it’s not a major issue. It could be a couple of minor things such
as common occurring floaters or ocular migraine but the more concerning things for you in
terms of your long-term health vision is to rule out things such as retinal detachment
or potentially a macular hole. When we talk about retinal detachment is the
tissue in the back of your eye that collects the light, kind of like the film in a camera;
in the human eye it is very very thin. That thin tissue is at risk of being pulled
off of the back surface of the eye. Just due to time or head injuries, slips,
falls, motor vehicle accidents, anything that causes a jarring injury to the head. Also unfortunately due to time. So, when we talk about a recent onset of flashes
or floaters that start to occur, it is definitely important to come in for a dilated eye exam
to make that there are no signs of any changes to the health of the retina that might have
threatened your long-term vision. If you do start to experience these types
of symptoms, it is certainly recommended not to just wait on it and see if it goes away. Particularly if it’s something that’s
been happening for 5 minutes or longer in the same location in the same eye. If you do experience any of those types of
symptoms please call your doctor and get in for a dilated eye exam. That way we can find out and it is nothing
serious, and we can make sure that your vision is good for the long-term. If you have any additional questions, please
feel free to send me a tweet on twitter @DrRajBaj or you can also contact us on our website. I’m happy to answer any additional questions
that you have about eye emergencies.

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