What The Orange Is The New Black Stars Look Like In Real Life

Orange is the New Black is a show set in prison,
so it makes sense that most of its characters wouldn’t have access to a whole lot of makeup
and styling products. Even so, it’s always shocking to witness the
transformation the show’s cast members undergo each season to shift from fab to drab to play
their on-screen characters. Check out what the cast looks like in real
life. Taylor Schilling – Piper Actress Taylor Schilling introduced audiences
to Litchfield Penitentiary as new inmate Piper Chapman in the show’s debut season. While Piper has changed a lot throughout the
series, her look has remained consistent — simple makeup and straight blonde hair throughout. Schilling’s everyday look doesn’t differ that
much from Piper’s, but she does enjoy more makeup and other beauty products on the red
carpet and in interviews than Piper would ever have access to. Laura Prepon – Alex She became well-known as a redhead in That
’70s Show, but Laura Prepon has pitch black locks as Alex on Orange is the New Black. She completes the look on the show with arched,
thin eyebrows, glasses, and a cat eye that always manages to look perfect, even with
prison-quality eyeliner. Prepon herself usually goes more glam on the
red carpet, though she sometimes works that cat eye in real life, too. Danielle Brooks – Taystee She shines every single season as Taystee,
the infectiously positive inmate determined to lead the charge toward a better life. In her real life, Danielle Brooks’ appearance
is a bit more glam than her Litchfield counterpart. You’ll often find her in fashion-forward dresses
with killer eye makeup during red carpet appearances. Uzo Aduba – Crazy Eyes She’s earned two Golden Globe nominations
and two Emmys for her part as Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren … “You bothering my friend here? Dandelion, she bothering you?” … but in real life, Uzo Aduba’s look is
far more glamorous than her character, complete with dazzling accessories, makeup, and a variety
of hairstyles. Kate Mulgrew – Red Veteran actress Kate Mulgrew had to adopt
ginger locks to play the part of Galina “Red” Reznikov. In recent years, Mulgrew has stuck with Red’s
hairstyle even when she’s not on the show, although she usually goes a little less intense
with the teasing. Taryn Manning – Pennsatucky Tiffany “Pennsatucky” Doggett is one of many
characters who’ve evolved significantly throughout the series. Her scraggly brown hair remains the same,
but she did get new teeth. Taryn Manning’s look is more fabulous in real
life. She often appears rocker-chic, which is fitting
considering she’s performed in quite a few bands over the years. Lea DeLaria – Big Boo The show’s number one source of sarcasm, Big
Boo has gone through a few different hairstyles, but she usually keeps it short and dark with
minimal makeup. In real life, actress Lea DeLaria rocks a
similar style, even sporting a tattoo on her arm that says “Butch,” but frequently wears
glasses, unlike her locked-up counterpart. Dascha Polanco – Daya Actress Dascha Polanco has been blowing viewers
away as the artistic Dayanara “Daya” Diaz throughout the show’s run. Daya is known for her highlighted hairstyle,
which the actress was already rocking when she came in to audition. In real life, Polanco also likes to experiment
with hair colors, going from blonde to brunette to a stunning platinum grey over the years. She’s a fashion rock star on the red carpet
and always generates buzz with her distinctive wardrobe choices. Elizabeth Rodriguez – Aleida Rodriguez plays Daya’s hard-headed, abrasive
mom Aleida Diaz on the long-running series. She works hard to maintain appearances in
prison and has a talent for nails. When Rodriguez isn’t playing a seasoned criminal
with parenting issues, she transforms into a vision of glamour and charm. Selenis Leyva – Gloria As the matriarch of Litchfield, actress Selenis
Leyva has had to embody a wide range of emotions through Gloria Mendoza, all of which she handles
with skill. On the show, Gloria keeps her look practical
but pretty, maintaining a short hairstyle, thin eyebrow, and a bit of a smokey eye. In real life, Leyva also keeps her hair short,
although she’ll sometimes grow it out a bit, and relies on light makeup. Natasha Lyonne – Nicky Nicky Nichols usually lets her thick hair
run wild and likes to go heavy on the eyeliner and mascara. Off-screen, actress Natasha Lyonne likes to
experiment with that gorgeous hair. Though the actress usually sticks with simple
styles, she has been known to choose some memorable makeup looks, recently making a
dramatic switch and choosing a shocking and beautiful eye makeup-free look at a fashion
show. Laura Gomez – Blanca Her character’s look became a little less
shocking after receiving a makeover in Season 5, but it’s still mind boggling to see how
different actress Laura Gomez looks from the unkempt Blanca. “Boo!” The character uses her crazy hair and unruly
eyebrows to her advantage on the show, but as she gets pulled closer to the central storyline,
her look starts to soften. In real life, Gomez is all glam and gets a
fake unibrow drawn on for the character. Emma Myles – Leanne The ex-Amish Leanne Taylor is missing some
of her teeth thanks to her addiction, and she usually goes without makeup and lets
her dirty blonde hair hang straight. You probably wouldn’t recognize fresh-faced
actress Emma Myles on the street, but it was her dedication to the transformation that
earned her the role. According to BuzzFeed, Myles showed up for
the audition wearing next-to-no makeup, unwashed hair, and dirty clothes. Julie Lake – Angie Like her on screen BFF Leanne, Angie Rice
is well known for her straggly hair and not so great dental hygiene. Julie Lake’s character sports wavy dark brown
hair and usually goes without makeup as she wanders the grounds of Litchfield. Off-duty, Lake looks very different. She rocks a great cat eye and contour and
clearly knows how to brush and floss. Francesca Curran – Skinhead Helen She made a big splash in the show’s fifth
season as Skinhead Helen Van Maele, a bald inmate who terrorizes Litchfield with her
tattooed face and neck. But the character is a huge transformation
for actress Francesca Curran, who actually shaved her head for the part and kept re-shaving
it every morning on set so the makeup artists could re-apply her facial tattoos. In real life, Curran accessorizes with a variety
of wigs and flaunts a style that is very feminine and fabulous. Laverne Cox – Sophia Transgender actress Laverne Cox plays Sophia
Burset, an inmate at Litchfield who runs the facility’s salon. Given her beautician skills, Burset looks
great in the series, and in real life, Cox’s red carpet look is simply perfection. Cox is known for immaculate makeup, glowing
complexion, and luxurious tresses. Yael Stone – Lorna Playing the always dolled up Lorna Morello,
Yael Stone looks like a glamorous old movie star, wearing a bold red lipstick with her
dark hair in soft waves as she dreams of a fairytale marriage outside the prison walls. When Stone gets to ditch that drab prison
garb on the red carpet, it’s as if Morello herself is finally living the life of her
dreams. While she may not look that different off
screen, Stone certainly sounds different: She hails from Australia, so her character’s
Boston accent didn’t come naturally. Adrienne Moore – Black Cindy As the hilarious Cindy Hayes, also known as
“Black Cindy,” actress Adrienne Moore’s hair is often fashioned in two giant afro puffs
and she sports minimal makeup. In real life, Moore looks flawless on the
red carpet, with bold hair, makeup, and attire. Jackie Cruz – Flaca Cruz oozes attitude and a distinct style as
inmate Marisol “Flaca” Gonzales. In the show, Flaca always wears thick cat-eye
makeup, thick bangs, and that signature teardrop under her right eye. Fans of the show went berserk when they caught
a glimpse of Cruz in something other than her prison sweatshirt. In April 2017, paparazzi photographed her
on the beaches of Miami in a low-cut, sheer black and beige swimsuit that left little
to the imagination. Jessica Pimentel – Maria In the show, Jessica Pimentel plays Maria
Ruiz, a tough-as-nail Dominican inmate who’s been through more than her fair share of drama
and tragedy. In prison, Ruiz is a tough, plain jane kind
of woman, but off-screen, the actress moonlights as a death-metal singer, performing in black
bustiers and leather jackets. Vicky Jeudy – Janae On Orange is the New Black, Janae Watson is
a former track star who made a terrible mistake when she robbed a bank with an old boyfriend. Her backstory makes her seem like a tomboy
with a hard heart. “I’m just a monkey in a cage, remember?” “Oh no no. I think she means …” “I don’t need you translating for me, Honey
Boo Boo.” “Be quiet!” In her private life, actress Vicky Jeudy is
nothing like her troubled character. In fact, she’s even into beauty pageants and
was once a semifinalist in the Miss New York USA pageant, according to InStyle. Diane Guerrero – Ramos Much like her onscreen character, actress
Diane Guerrero is all about appearances. She plays the ever-feisty and sometimes ditzy
Maritza Ramos, who sports perfect eyeliner and stunning, long locks — even while behind
bars. According to InStyle, Guerrero was doing her
makeup like that look long before her time on the show, and her red carpet look proves
she’s just as stunning in real life. Samira Wiley – Poussey The beloved character of Poussey Washington,
played by actress Samira Wiley, is best friends with Taystee and Black Cindy and seems to
have a heart of gold. Her usual attire is an oversized sweatshirt
and ill-fitting khaki pants. On the flip side, Wiley is a stunner who could
double as a fashion model any day. Constance Shulman – Yoga Jones A thin, beach blonde hippie, Erica “Yoga”
Jones not particularly glamorous, but her look is distinctive, as is her voice. On set, she wears virtually no makeup, which
enhances the earthy vibe she brings to her character. Off screen, actress Constance Shulman is known
to be a bit more fashionable. She’s been photographed with slightly longer,
better-kept locks complementing a wardrobe that suits her tiny frame and suits her spunky
personality. Nick Sandow – Joe Caputo There are only two words that can accurately
describe Joe Caputo: stressed and sex-crazed. Caputo, played by Nick Sandow, is Litchfield’s
warden. Though he’s by no means perfect, he is passionate
about his career and often goes to bat against his higher-ups for the facility and its residents. Caputo typically sports a tattered suit, loose-fitted
tie, and reading glasses on his head. He’s perhaps best known for his dated handle-bar
mustache, and the remaining bits of hair he has on the series is never combed or well-kept. In real life, Sandow is a dapper fellow who
typically opts for well-trimmed facial hair, no spectacles, and nice suits. Pablo Schreiber – P—stache Schreiber plays Litchfield’s first (but definitely
not its last) creepy guard. George “P—stache” Mendez was best known
for his distinctive facial hair. Otherwise, the tall guard kept his look simple,
wearing his hair short and spiked. In real life, actor Pablo Schreiber keeps
his facial hair trendy, although he has said he was sad to lose the signature facial hair
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