What It’s Like To Be Color Blind

BuzzFeed presents What it’s like to be color blind – I am Judy Bufarro. – Hello, I’m Patrick. – My name is Andrew Hater
and I am color blind. Color blindness affects about 1 in 10 men, and is significantly rarer in women. – It’s not that I can’t see colors. I can see most colors. But it’s that certain colors fade into what I would call indistinct. – The analogy I always use is that if you have a pack of 36 colored pencils, I can only see maybe 12 shades
of those colored pencils. – We’re trying to do those dot tests where they have the different numbers and it’s, like, in a different color. But trying to do these,
everyone will be like, “Oh, it’s a seven. Oh, it’s a 62.” I’d be like, “There’s, you’re
lying, you’re all lying.” Apparently, there’s one with a sailboat and I’ve never seen it. – [Andrew] I play soccer. It may affect me on the field. Our team is purple and the other team was a different shade of purple and I passed to the other team two times. – I’ll often be shopping for something and just go up to a stranger and ask them, “Is this black or is this navy blue? “Is this red or orange?”
That kind of thing. – Like I can tell right here
I’m wearing a green sweater, but if you start, like,
asking me what shade of green, I’m the worst at it. – [Andrew] So the stop, don’t go hand for crossing the street
and the walk time to go, I see the hand is red and I always thought that the man was green, just be that that’s a context clue
thing where I was like, “Oh okay, one’s red, one must be green,” but someone told me the
man crossing the street is white. I like to think that I
have some sort of, like, advantage by having a disadvantage. – I suppose I may be
missing out on things. I guess I don’t know
what I’m missing out on. – And it’s kind of cool too because I don’t view it as very limiting, but then when people are
just always so intrigued by like, what is this,
like how does it even work. Do I always see, like, black
and white, like a TV show or is it, you know, which is not true. – Like last night, my friend asked me. I was like, “I’m doing this interview “about color blindness” and he goes, “What color’s the couch?”
and it’s bright red. (laughing) It’s kind of annoying when people are like,
“Oh well, what is this?” It’s not that big of a deal. Music: Difficult Situation Warner / Chappell Production Music Going blind Butter Coffee For even more wonderful things subscribe to BuzzFeed Blue Subscribe BuzzFeed Blue


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