What is surface laser eye surgery?

[Music] Surface laser eye surgery usually involves
two types of laser treatment. The first type is called LASEK, L-A-S-E-K. During that procedure the epithelium, which
is a layer of cells that covers the cornea, is lifted off as a flap. The surface of the cornea is then treated
with the laser to reshape it and allow it to focus the light properly onto the retina
and then the cells, the epithelial layer, is put back to aid with healing. In the other form of treatment, PRK, the layer
of epithelium is removed completely. The laser is applied to the cornea again and
then new epithelium grows across the surface. The advantages of the surface laser treatment
is that we do not need to form a flap which in some corneas is a disadvantage and in that
situation, after the careful assessment of the eyes and the patient surface laser treatment
might be the right option for you. The main disadvantage of surface laser treatment
is it does take a little longer for the eyes to heal and recover. There is initially some sensitivity and some
irritation but usually that resolves within a week.

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