What Is Astigmatism? : Improving Astigmatism

How could one correct astigmatism other then
glasses? Well there’s really two other ways besides glasses and just regular contacts.
Regular contacts correct your vision while you wear them. Lasik or refractive surgery
will sculpt the cornea to a round shape. That’s either Lasik which has a flap or a prk photo
refractive keratectomy that has to be done without the flap when the person’s corneas
are too thin or too steep. There’s another discipline which is equivalent of taking a
hard type lens and this will substitute for being a hard type lens of five times bigger
then a normal model. And what it does is you wear it overnight and it actually causes the
corneal surface to change shape to being either correcting nearsightedness and astigmatism
as well. And then during the day you can take this off and you can see fine for any where
from eight to fourteen to sixteen hours but you are still wearing a contact lens while
you sleep. And also it is almost the same cost as Lasik surgery. So in my practice I
don’t recommend ortokeratology which is that science of putting a hard type contact lens
with something called reverse geometry in order to give you temporary vision during
the day not needing any aids at all.

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