What Is Astigmatism? : Exercises for Astigmatism

I’ve been asked, are there exercises to help
astigmatism? In my discipline, optometry, the answer is no. You have a physical problem,
where the cornea is off shaped, or the lens is tilted, and you can’t do anything as far
as exercises go. There was earlier, in the 19th century, there was a Dr. Bates, who was
an ophthalmologist, and he advocated exercises, primarily for trying to avoid presbyopia,
and also he tried to stop people from advancing to myopia, by what was called a palming method,
which was to do this, and to press on your eyes, and in actuality, that would flatten
the cornea, and help in that way, and it could temporarily help astigmatism, to make it more
regular. That’s not an exercise. There are actually, announcements on the radio, that
say, buy my method, and you can throw your glasses away, and I’ve seen those, and in
reality what they are, is you have a certain pattern, such as a spirograph, and you’re
asked to take your glasses off, and relax, and to let your eyes see better, and in my
opinion, what that is actually doing, is teaching you poor interpretation, and please don’t
spend hundreds of dollars on something like that. You need to go to someone who can actually
correct your vision with glasses, contacts, or lasik. Refractive surgery is also an option
for you.


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