What Is Astigmatism? : Does Your Astigmatism Get Better as You Get Older?

I’ve been asked, does your astigmatism get
better when you get older? Well, that depends on what group you’re in. Again, astigmatism
refers to primarily the shape of the cornea, for most people who have astigmatism, it’s
called regular astigmatism which is a curving this direction. It’s more steep this way vertically,
and a little steep this way. As we get older the tension of our lids gets less and so it
does not help the steepness in this direction. What that means is, as for this particular
group or person that has astigmatism this direction, when you get fifty and older the
astigmatism will reduce. However, if you’re in the group where it’s steeper horizontally
and less steep this way actually it gets worse and if you’re lucky it will stay the same.
But typically it gets a little bit worse when we get past fifty, fifty-five.


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