What is a Local Area Coordinator?

Hi, Stu here from NDIA. You may have heard
about local area coordination. Well today, we’re in chilly North East Melbourne. We’ll
be talking with our community partner, the Brotherhood of St. Laurence, about local area
coordination and why it’s so important. So come with me and let’s find out what
it’s all about. I’m one of the local area coordinators and
I’m based in the Greensborough site. One of the main functions is to provide a link
to NDIS and the NDIA. The good thing about where we are, we’re location based. So we’re
providing a real local experience for our participants. We really are an information
point. You will feel as nervous as anything, but
don’t worry about it. Don’t underestimate the pre-planning side of things. It helps so much, you would not believe. Focus on any goals, even if they’re five
or ten years ahead, because they’re the ones that will get you to where you need to
go in the long term. That’s what NDIS are looking for and will help you with. The role of an LAC is to help participants
navigate through the NDIS. It’s all about helping participants develop a plan that will
help them. It’s an amazing opportunity that we get to meet with participants and learn
what an ordinary life looks like for them. And help them achieve it. So we’ve learnt a lot today about local
area coordination. If you’d like to know more about local area coordination or just
about the NDIS, head to our website. It’s www.ndis.gov.au

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