What is a corneal transplant?

The cornea is the clear window at the front
of the eye and it’s really important for focusing vision to the back of the eye. Now, in some
patients, either the cornea loses shape progressively or suddenly if there’s some trauma to the
eye or the cornea loses clarity because the delicate cells that line the inside of the
cornea start to degrade in terms of number of quality.
When we consider performing a corneal transplant, it’s usually after having tried other measures
such as glasses or contact lenses to try to restore vision. But when it does become necessary,
we then cancel the patient regarding taking donor cornea and transplanting that into the
eye of the patient. The risk of that with modern techniques are relatively low, but
for some patients, there is still a risk of vision as a result of complications such as
rejection of the transplant. Modern techniques try to restore only the layers of the cornea
that need to be transplanted in order to restore vision and these modern techniques are even
more effective and safe than those that have gone before. Ultimately, patients may still
require glasses and contact lenses to see and a few patients will still require long-term
management of the corneal transplant and drops to ensure that the transplant stays healthy.

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