hello I’m dr. Hardesty a board-certified
plastic surgeon practicing here in Riverside California
today’s topic is blepharoplasty or known as eye lift as we age or some of us are
born with it excess skin and fatty bulges on the eye
how does this happen God created our eye to sit in a fat pocket so that if we get
hit in the eye the fat bulges out now you may not be able to see it but look
at my lower eyelids as I press on my lower I’ll up on my eyeballs the fat
starts to bulge out so how do we take care of that we make hidden incisions if
it’s in the upper eyelid the incision is in the crease we take out that excess
skin we then resect the excess fat not all
the fat and in the lower lid we make the incision along the eyelash or internally
hidden to do it what we call subconjunctival lee we take the fat out
and if you have a groove we sometimes redistribute that fat so that the fat
now creates a smooth contour the excess skin is removed how do we manage pain
well we often do this under local anesthesia in our minor surgical suite
here in the office approximately 50% of the time we’ll do it asleep and with
other operations so what are the indications somebody that’s healthy
somebody that has normal eyesight and vision somebody that has excess skin and
fat and that wants a young refreshed look recovery sutures are out usually in
four to seven days exercise once the sutures are out I let people get on an
elliptical trainer or stationary bicycle as long as there’s no high impact or
swelling there will be some bruising despite us giving some anti swelling and
bruising medicine but cover-up makeup you
usually it covers this people are back to work in four to seven days so in
conclusion blepharoplasty or eye lift is used for patients that have bulging fat
tired look excess skin and fat a very straightforward operation with a low
complication rate thank you very much and hope to see you soon

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