What If We Had Eagle Vision

You know how when you watch your first superhero
movie, or play your first action game, you start wishing really hard to get super powers? Well, that’s what happened to me. The problem is, my wish came true. One day, I was playing a video game and got
the 6th sense – eagle vision. It was awesome! I could see in the dark, spot people who were
hiding from me, and see details from miles away. Before I went to bed, I started thinking about
what it would be like in real life. I’m woken up by the sound of my alarm. It’s the first day of school after Halloween. I reach for my glasses on my dresser, but
right before I put them on, I notice something strange. Everything is already clear; I don’t need
them. My short-sightedness is gone, and everything
looks different. Hmm. At least my brother won’t call me four-eyes
anymore, that’s for sure. As I scan around my room, I notice that my
dresser isn’t the same shade as it used to be; it has even more colors. How’s that possible? Should I tell someone? I don’t think I’ve ever seen more clearly
in my life. Could I really have eagle vision just like
in the game? If we know one thing about eagles, it’s
that they have the best vision. I bet they eat a handful of carrots every
day. Oh, wait, did you know that’s just a myth? Before you and I were even born, the British
Airforce came up with new radar technology that helped them spot and take down planes
at night. Since it was top secret, when asked about
it, they just said: “Well, it’s because we’re eating a lot of carrots”. And that’s why everyone thinks that if they
eat carrots, they’ll have perfect vision. Uh oh! I better head downstairs before I’m late
for school. I’m not sure if I should tell anyone. What if they ask about my glasses? I’ll have to figure something out. I go into the kitchen where my mom is cooking
breakfast. Yes! Waffles! She puts 2 waffles cut into 4 pieces in front
of me. As I go to pour my syrup, I see it coming
out in super slow motion, taking all sorts of forms, and the light is shining through
it. It’s mesmerizing. Woops! Now my waffles are drenched in maple syrup. – Yum. After breakfast, I run outside to catch the
bus. My eyes focus on a tree in the park 2 miles
away. I didn’t even know it was there before. And are those ants crawling on it? Hey, look at their little legs stepping on
top of each other. HOW DID I DO THAT? Ok, I definitely have super powers. I wonder if I can put them to the test. I won’t have to study for my exams. I can just pin my book on a tree, look outside
the window, and copy all the answers. I’ll never have to study again. I’m starting to like the idea of eagle vision
even more. This cool trick is possible because eagles
have something in their retina called the Fovea. No, it has nothing to do with my fear of flying. The fovea of an eagle’s eye has 1,500 cells
per square inch – 4 times more than I had before. It’s like my eyes are turning into a DSLR
camera. I always wanted one of those to zoom in on
things that are far, far away. Now I have one embedded in my eyes. And the resolution is unbelievable. To give you an idea, I’ll have to bust out
my iPad. Wait a sec… Ok, here it is. Take a look at the pixels in my retina display:
they’re so tiny that you can’t see them. So, it can fit a ton of pixels in one small
space. To show you how I was seeing things before,
I gotta dig through my dad’s drawer. Oh, here it is. It’s the unbreakable Nokia 3310. Look at the screen: it has just a few, VERY
visible pixels in the same size space. I wish I could play snake now, but I have
more experiments to do with my vision. My best friend is the first one to notice
I’m not wearing glasses. So, I fess up about my new super vision. But he doesn’t believe me at first, so we
decide to meet after class to put my eyes to the test. We walk to the football field, where I sit
on one side and he sits on the other. He starts typing something on his phone and
shouts at me from across the field: “Read what I just wrote on my phone!” So my pupils dilate, and I zoom in on the
screen, yelling back, “I skipped school yesterday to go get ice-cream with my cousin”. Hey! Why didn’t he invite me? After school my buddy and I start walking
home. A few feet away from us, he spots a family
of 5 squirrels and points at the smallest one. I say “Which one? The one with the red line on its fur?” He gives me a puzzled look and we both realize
at the same time: I can also see more colors and shades. While he could only see 5 identical squirrels,
I could see all sorts of colors; even one that I’ve never seen before. As I move on to observe the hundreds of green
shades on the grass, I catch something out of the corner of my eye. What is that wavy bright purple light traveling
across the sky? Is that ultraviolet? Woah, I wish you could see it with me. I need to go to the eye doctor and have my
eyes checked. Before, my vision was terrible; it was 20/100. That means I had to stand 5 times closer to
an object in order to see it. A person with good vision would only have
to stand 20 feet away. That’s why you hear it called “20/20 vision”. Now, things are reversed. With eagle vision I can see the details of
any object from far away without even squinting. I bet my doctor won’t believe it. I could tell him that eagles don’t have
short-sightedness or far- sightedness, but that would only raise more questions than
answers. It’s evening now, and I’m tired; my eyes
feel kinda swollen. I better head home and go check what’s going
on in the mirror. HEY! My eyes just moved to the sides of my face
a bit. Weird. Now they’re a pale-yellow color with hints
of gold, and some green, and I see a few purple lines in there. And wait a minute….not 1 or 2, but THREE
eyelids? Even weirder. And my head seems smaller than it was before. Maybe that’s because the eagle’s brain
is smaller than their eyes. Jeesh, I hope my brain didn’t shrink……. And I’m not mad, so what’s with the scowl? I try to force a smile, but to no avail. There’s a ridge coming out of my skull that
makes me look angry. I can hear a fly in my room. I turn my head and it lands straight on my
eye while I’m looking in the mirror. Woah, my second eyelid closes and wipes it
out like a windshield wiper. As I lean in closer to the mirror, I notice
that instead of blinking down, I blink up. Just then, my brother barged in my room without
knocking. He screamed: “I can’t find Milo”, (our
cat). Then, I remember that I left the door open
that morning as I was heading to school. I can’t admit that though, I’d get into
a ton of trouble. I calmly say, “He’ll show up” and tell
him to close the door. I know I have to put my superpowers to good
use. I remember that eagles can find any living
thing that’s hiding. So, I quietly climb out my window and start
looking. I can’t see through walls, but I can see
people inside their houses. I keep walking down the street and see families
having dinner, kids playing video games, and others watching tv. Then 2 miles away, near the freeway, I see
milo chasing a little fox. I immediately take off running towards him. I manage to grab him just before he runs into
traffic, and dart back home before anyone notices I was missing. I quietly open the front door and let him
in. Then I go back around to my window and climb
back to my room. I can’t risk anyone seeing me. How will my parents react when they get home? I guess I’ll have to tell them to look on
the Bright Side. First, I don’t need glasses, and secondly,
wishes do come true. I decide to go to bed and talk to everyone
about my vision the next day. But when I wake up, everything’s blurry. I reach for my glasses and put them on. My superpowers are gone. I rush to the mirror and my eyes and face
looked normal now. Maybe this was a one-day thing, but I enjoyed
it. Hopefully next time I play a game I’ll get
another superpower from it. I could become the Flash. Hey, if you learned something new today, then
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on the Bright Side of life!

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