What eye conditions are treated by surface laser eye surgery?

[Music] So surface laser eye surgery is a proven treatment. It has been done for many, many years and
has an excellent reputation. It can be used for the treatment of shortsightedness,
or myopia. In myopia the person can see things up close
clearly but in the distance they are quite blurry. Conversely it can be used to treat hyperopia,
or long sightedness. In that situation, the patient can see things
in the distance a little more clearly and close things are very blurry. Both those situations can be suitable for
surface laser eye treatment. Surface laser eye treatment is also excellent
in touching up previous laser treatment. It can also treat astigmatism and in certain
situations it can even be used to treat clinical conditions or certain diseases of the surface,
whereby the abnormal layer, or abnormal cells, can be removed with the laser allowing the cornea to
heal more naturally. A typical example is people who suffer with
recurrent corneal erosions where the surface continually breaks down, causes severe pain
and watering. In that situation it is possible to treat
the recurrent corneal erosion and treat any refractive error or astigmatism.

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