What does the future of glaucoma treatment look like?

Glaucoma surgery has entered into a very,
very exciting time. I’m personally involved in 15 glaucoma trials at the moment as either
a principal investigator or chief investigator and many of these are a new glaucoma implant.
So, they are, for example, implants including a slow-release glaucoma medication which I
inject into the eye, which may not seem to be repeated for two to three years. All other
types of new implant which can involve a very specialised or new technology to control flow
through the tubes to avoid certain complications such as very low pressure that we can encounter
during traditional tube surgery. There are also other implant looking at different site
of drainage and different way of draining a fluid out to the eye to external pathway,
for example, which hasn’t been explored in the past. So overall, I think this is really
an exciting time, but I think within the next 15 to 20 years, I’m sure the landscape of
glaucoma surgery will be different very different from what we are currently doing now.

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