What can I expect during and after eye surgery?

Surgery is usually done under local anaesthesia.
So, we numb your eye without any sharp needles and then your eye is covered over during the
duration of surgery to keep the area sterile. You’re lying on a bed for about anywhere between
15 minutes an hour, and generally you don’t feel anything. You may hear some noises of
the machines working in the background, you may see some lights in the eye, but you don’t
see any details. So generally, most patients find it very comfortable and relaxing experience,
particularly as we give you some sedation as well alongside the local anaesthesia. At
the end of surgery, we would cover you on a with a gauze as well a shield to protect
the eye whilst the anaesthesia is wearing off. We tend to keep the shield on the eye
up until the next morning. After that, the eyes tend to be pretty comfortable. You may
have a scratchy feeling for a day or two. The eye could be red for a couple of weeks,
but beyond that the eye is very comfortable. People often remark at how comfortable the
eye is after the surgery. They expect it to be particularly uncomfortable after going
for this procedure, but generally it tends not to be. So, it’s a good experience all

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