What are some options for treating astigmatism?

[Music] So there are many different options for treating
astigmatism. One of the most important things is to identify the underlying cause of the
astigmatism. There are many different causes for astigmatism and the most important thing
is to identify if there is any underlying disease causing the astigmatism. Now the most
common reason is that it is simply the way the eye is shaped and there is no underlying
pathology. In that situation the astigmatism, if it is quite significant, can be treated
with laser of various different forms. It can be treated with certain simple procedures
on the cornea where the steep sections of the cornea are made a little flatter, and in certain
other cases if the patient also has a cataract there is the option to implant a lens inside
the eye that compensates for any astigmatism on the cornea and therefore allowing the patient
to see clearly without glasses, for example. In other situations there is a disease process
going on that is causing the astigmatism and this disease process may cause increasing
astigmatism with time. A typical example would be the condition of keratoconus, which is
a weakening of the cornea that causes it to become misshapen and more cone shaped resulting
in quite severe astigmatism and very blurry vision. There are a number of modern treatments
for this. Once a treatment includes a cross linkage whereby certain specialist eyedrops
are placed on the cornea and then a special type of laser is shown on the cornea which
allows the tissues to become stronger and more stiff and help prevent this coning deformation.
In other situations where the cornea has been stabilized but there is still quite a lot
of residual astigmatism, certain medical devices can be implanted inside the cornea, and this
is done using laser, which help to reshape the cone or the shape of the cornea, reducing
the astigmatism and allowing the patient to see more clearly.

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