What Are Premium Lens Implants and What Are Advantages?

The primary goals of these lenses are two. One to give you a bifocal-like effect, so
you can see distance, and you can see far, oddly enough at the same time, and this is
done by different techniques, but the primary technique is to use circles, so imagine there’s
a center part of the implant where you see distance, but then there’s a circle around
that, which allows for near vision and then another circle, which goes for distance and
so on. What will happen is your retina will interrupt
those two images and decide which one it wants to look at. So, you will literally be able to see near
and far at the same time, but you focus on the part you’re interested in. The near, I can see near. The far, I can see far. Now, the problem is you will see the out of
focus image, so how does that show up in your vision? A little bit of glare, a little bit of halo,
so it’s a tradeoff we do with these premium implants. My favorite lens currently is called the Tecnis®
lens. It’s only a bifocal lens, but it provides
much less of this overlapping glare and haloing, which one can see from these type of implants. It divides the vision by 44 percent for distance,
44 percent for near, and we plan it so that one eye has a closer vision. The opposite eye has the farther vision, and
this further reduces the amount of affect you get from these lenses for near and far. What’s cool about them is for the rest of
your life, you should be able to enjoy both near and far vision without grabbing for a
pair of glasses, and we back this up with laser vision correction, so if you have some
prescription power after these are placed in your eye, I’ll do laser vision correction
to make sure you’ve achieved the very best result we could’ve received for you. And, I view this as kind of—as my mom used
to say—an investment in the old man. So, my mom used to say: Take care of yourself
because one day that old man will appreciate that. And, I see these lenses as that kind of thing. You’re literally giving yourself this gift
that will lead you all the way into your future where you do not really need to grab for glasses. You can see the TV across the room, and you
can read your phone without the requirement of glasses, so those kind of premium implants
are available, and you can discuss this when you come in for an evaluation. There’s one other implant which we do use
that corrects for astigmatism, so if you have astigmatism, we have a toric-style lens which
we can place in your eye which will negate or reduce your astigmatism to the extent that
you won’t need glasses. Again, the same goal is provided here, to
provide you with vision that wouldn’t require glasses. So, again, call us for your evaluation, 630-724-1400
or visit our website where we have extensive information about premium implants and that
is glassesfree.com and remember there’s no charge for your initial consultation.

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