Welcome to the W. K. Kellogg Eye Center

[ Music ]>>Our patients come to Kellogg
for two very important reasons. We give the very best eye care we can, and
we will not stop looking for new treatments and cures for the eye diseases the
affect our patients and their families. What sets Kellogg apart? Our people. All of us are here to serve you from our
valet, to our ophthalmic technicians, from our patient representatives,
to our surgical staff. We are here to preserve your
sight and to answer every question that you may have about the
health of your vision. The care you receive will be second to none. At Kellogg you will see physicians who
are among the very best in their fields. We provide eye care for patients of every age. Our specialists in glaucoma,
retina and corneal disease, and so many others offer patients the
latest treatments for their eye conditions, and for the eye diseases that come with aging. And our pediatric eye clinic covers
every sub-specialty in ophthalmology so that we can provide complete
eye care for children. The physicians at Kellogg work closely
with each other and with colleagues from around the University
of Michigan Health System. If you need care from any other
specialist, we will make sure it happens. Research offers hope to our patients
that new treatments and cures for eye disease are within reach. Many of our patients ask us, “What’s new
research, and how will it help me or my family?” We know the need is urgent and our scientists
are working closely with our doctors to begin to help solve these puzzles. Through basic research and clinical
studies, we are investigating just about every eye disease that you can name. Our patients here in Michigan, across this great
country, and from around the world count on us to improve their lives and
the health of their vision. We are fortunate to have earned their
trust and to be part of their lives. We know that we must continue to earn your trust
every time that you come to see us at Kellogg. I invite you to learn more about the
people and programs with Kellogg, and please let us know what we can do to
improve your experience when you visit with us at the University of Michigan
Kellogg Eye Center. [ Music ]


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