VSP Global: Eyes of Hope

VSP Global is a not for profit community benefit based corporation whose mission is to provide access to high-quality, cost-effective eyewear and eye care to as many in the community as possible. And, today, that community entails the entire globe. As an eye doctor, partnering with VSP, I’m
able to help children see better and succeed in school. And that really opens up their
possibilities for the future. VSP offers through its Eyes of Hope charitable
platform a number of different programs. The mobile clinics that you see behind me are
one of the key components of our Eyes of Hope charitable program. These mobile clinics offer
disaster relief, but they also go out into the community when we aren’t responding to
disasters. I have the amazing opportunity to give back
to the community and be supported by VSP. The reason that it’s important for people
to have access to eye care and eyewear through a comprehensive eye exam is we can detect
hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes up to seven years before full-blown diabetes
takes place as well as your normal eye diseases like glaucoma, macular degeneration. These glasses are going to help me to read
the small print in contracts. That’s essential for the jobs that I’m looking to do in the
near future. So, as a not for profit, VSP reinvests most
of its surplus in its system and our employees take a lot of their free time to help provide
services that VSP provides in the community at large. Being able to see is essential to
living your life, being productive at work, everything.

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