VSP Eyes of Hope and Draper James Provide Access to Vision Care

– VSP, Eyes of Hope, and
Draper James are here to help empower our girls through sight, and we are so excited. When we told our families that
they were going to be getting these eye exams and glasses,
the room had cheers. – Women are actually more at
risk for certain eye diseases than men are. What excites me the most is those girls who maybe have never had an eye exam or never gotten a pair of glasses before who will get to have that experience of seeing the world in clarity. – It’s been about three
years since I got a new pair. Now when I look, like
at that sign over there, I can actually read it. – Draper James has
partnered with Girls Aid for over four years. So to be able to partner with Eyes of Hope and give these young
girls the gift of sight, that’s really amazing to witness. – When you are just making ends meet, or you’re trying to save, eyecare is the last one on the list. – I like the glasses that I picked out. They’re really nice. And one thing I really do like is that these are free for kids. – A pair of glasses can be life-changing, not only because it’s gonna
open up the world for them, but it also is a personality thing, too, so it builds their confidence. – All of a sudden you
put on a pair of eyewear and you can be bold, you can be sassy, you can express yourself
in so many different ways. I think it’s really exciting and inspiring to see this next generation
and who they’ll be and what they’ll become. (gentle music)

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