Vispero’s technology

if you’re low vision or blind you have all
the same aspirations, all the same goals as anybody else. In the early days, the problems that the technology
could solve were fairly limited. I was born in 58, which meant that there was
no computer technology for the mere mortal during the years that I was growing up. Technology in terms of accessibility and my
blindness was really pretty low tech. There were mechanical devices for typing and
writing braille. Thinking about that now, that seems embarrassingly
little. The very first set of products that came out in the industry and with the company were what were called video magnifiers. That’s where the industry started way back in the 70’s. We’ve been able to take those kind of very early
and more simplistic usage models and expand them to all aspects of engagement. The standard for performance that our engineers
have of themselves and of the products that they are working on in terms of what they
can do, that’s the genesis of the innovation. With more blind people at sort of all levels
of the organization, we’re able to not only innovate from inside but at the same time
make it easy to make quick changes based on our own experiences. One’s own personal problems are often the
things that impact other people as well. Climbing was in her DNA It’s no wonder she wanted to climb the Eiffel Tower. We’ve been able to evolve and innovate with
our products such that the accessibility that a visually impaired user and customer would
have is not a hinderance to them interacting with the outside world. I love that Katie,. I love that story, I love how she didn’t give
up and that’s your motto right? To never give up. She reminds me of you. To me it’s unbelievable, it’s phenomenal
how they are able to use this technology and the perseverance and can-do attitude to be
as effective, and often times more effective than people that can see. I’ve been constantly amazed by the kinds of
creative things that people have done with the tool set that we have made available. It’s sort have been the great equalizer for
people who are blind.

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