Vision Problems

♪♪ Hi there, I’m here to check in
for my Lasik surgery. Hello!Welcome to Clear Vision.Put ‘er there. Nice to meet you. Here I am. Please fill out this
patient form. Make sure you sign here,
here, and here. Do not sign here. What?Trust me, you’re going tolove
having your vision corrected. I’m a little
worried about it, to be honest.Have, um, have you
had the surgery done? Alright, let’s head back,
we’ll get you started![glass breaking]Just follow me![crashing]That’s what I get for using
Groupon for a medical procedure.[crashing continues]Oh. Come on in here, have a seat. The doctor will
be right in. Thank you. That was so weird. It’s me! I’m also the doctor. Excuse me? Okay, go ahead
and settle in to your seat while I pointthe laser
that cuts through anything
into your eyeballs.Um, okay, no.I don’t think so.Nah-ah-ah! Setlle in. Sh-sh-sh-sh. Don’t worry, it’s perfectly
natural to be anxious, but I have a very high
success rate, see?Matt: Um.Natalie: You’ll also be
heavily sedated.
Oh! Ah. Everything is numb
except my face. That’s all your
Groupon covered. Oh. Wait, are those subpoenas?Natalie: They’re
for malpractice!
Why are they framed? I was acquitted! Or, I didn’t show up
or whatever.Okay.Let’s go ahead and sterilize
the area for the procedure. No, no, no no no no. Do not- It’s fine. Ap-p-p-p-p. Ow! There we go. Tastes awful! Alright, looks good. That stings.Now we’ll make
a small incision
to make a flap
above the cornea. Oh, no! Just try to relax. Take a look at the picture
on the ceiling and take a deep breath. [gasp] Demon! Are we ready? Three- NO! Madam! Calm down! No, no. Okay, come on. Sir. I don’t want this! Be still, be still. No! Pry them open! Ah! Such strong fingers! Ah! Happens every time. Take a deep breath. Pfft. Pfft. It’ll all be over
in 30 seconds.Matt: I don’t want
to be blind!
No! [screaming][electricity buzzing;
screaming continues]]
Not today.Matt: Help me!Alright. There’ll be some
pain and irritation,but your vision should
improve immediately.
You are a crazy lady! Who I can see very clearly! How? I can’t believe it worked! I know!I mean, yeah,
I knew it would.So it’ll take a minute for
the anesthesia to wear off.
Do you have a ride home?Uh, no, I didn’t
think about that. We offer
a driving service! Oh, okay. It’s me. I’m the driver. I’m a really good driver. I have a star on Uber. Thank you so much
for watching that video. Hope you liked it. Please share and subscribe. Oh look, it’s
a flying giraffe! Hey, flying giraffe. Have you lost weight? No?


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