VERY EXTREMELY NAKED… | Rust Gameplay #11

Bob/Muyskerm: Are you on an island?
Mark/Markiplier: Are you running towards me? Oh god. Mark: Hello.
Bob: I am not currently running towards you! Mark: Hello friend, hello sergent potato. How are you?
Bob: *laughing* Mark: Alright, I’m gonna move on. Alright, goodbye new friend. I must go find other friend, you stay safe, out there. Bob: Oh I’m wet. Mark: Okay, so you did see the red tower though? Bob: Well, maybe.
Mark: Oh, no there’s- there could be a lot of red towers. Bob: How the fuckin’ shit do I get out of here? Bob: I’m like drowning in the water right now.
Mark [exasperated]: I just- look, I found a sign! Mark: Jesus, I can’t read it. It’s a sign that’s just like an MS Paint drawing that says “You’re an F-Word Harry!” Bob: *laughs*
Mark: There’s a dick jizzing out the right side! Mark: I thought It was gonna be like a profound sign like Mark: “No swimming in the water!”
Bob: *laughs* Mark: Oops! *jingling noises*
Mark: I hear jingle bells. Ooo jingle bells. Bob: That’s just my baells. Mark [Slavic accent]: I got small and medium present. Unwrap, unwrap, unwrap…
Bob: Oh shit. Mark: Ooh, I got a gun!
Bob: I think it’s weird you have to unwrap 1 box like 6 times. Mark: Yee. I’ve got a gun
Bob: I just wanna say that. “Loading river layout”? Neat. Mark: How do I load? I don’t even know if I have the right bullets.
Bob: That was sort of my downfall. *CRACK*
Mark: Wup! Ok, that works. Mark: Shit, I’ve announced my position. *both laugh heartily* Mark: Boom!
Bob: You ringing the dinner bell there?
Mark: Yeah, “Let the games begin!” Kepush! Mark: Where are you at?
Bob: I am the- receiving the data.
Mark: Oh okay. Bob: Yes! I am awake! It appears to be completely pitch dark out here. Mark: It is indeed, it is dark.
Bob: Fucking awesome.
Mark: Turn on your torch, let me see if I see you. Bob: Well my torch is on.
Mark: Well I see- I don’t see anything. *giggle* Bob: I’m at a house called Gene’s base.
Mark: Niiice. Mark: Do you see a lighthouse? That’s the landmark that I see in the distance.
Bob: Not even at all. Mark: You’re not by a river?
Bob: Is it by a river or by a coast?
Mark: By a river. Bob: Alright, I don’t see a river yet.
Mark: Let me know if you see like a satelite dish. Bob: Uh… no.
Mark: The moon is above… Mark: That does not help anybody. But the moon is above.
Bob: The moon is right up there, yep. Bob: Well I’m on top of a very large mountain, hill, sort of thing right now, at uh, what appears to be a quarry machine of some sort. Mark: Cool. What do you see?
Bob: An automatic digger. Bob: I don’t see a lighthouse. So fuckin’ foggy that I’m high enough up that I don’t honestly see anything. Bob [singing]: I was gonna clean my room, but then I got high.
Mark: Nice. Bob [singing]: I was gonna do something else also, but then I got high.
Mark: Nice. Bob: But I- Don’t do drugs kids.
Mark: Oh yeah, of course. Bob: Well fuck. Alright, so I’m at an extremely wide section of river.
Mark: Ah, so you are near river then. Bob: Yes, I’m gonna be near the river.
Mark: Your torch still on? Bob: Yep, I’m on the bank right now, my torch on, it’s VERY wide.
Mark: Ok, I’m- Mark: No lighthouse in sight?
Bob: When you look at the lighthouse, the moon is like straight fuckin’ up right now. Mark: Yeah.
Bob: How are we supposed to fuckin’ find anything? Is there a light like beaming from the lighthouse? Mark: No, it’s just a pillar.
Bob: Alright, okay, well, ’cause I see like a thing in the distance that’s a big pillar lighthouse-esque sort of shape. Mark: Uh huh. Does it have like- looks like it has glass at the top of it? Bob: Uh no, it’s all kind of dark. So I can’t really tell.
Mark: Hmm… Mark: Woah, what are you? Is that a DEER?! Mark: I’m gonna shoot dat deer. Immuna get dat deer. Sneak up, I’m sneakin’, sneakin’ all over this deer.
Bob: Fuck on that deer. *BANG*
Mark: Boam bitch! Nope, didn’t do nothin’ to the deer. Ok, that was a waste of a shell. Bob: Yeah, I- This is definitely a lighthouse kind of thing, but I don’t know if it’s the same one you were seein’.
Mark: No? Bob: Was yours kind of like on the water?
Mark: Yeah, it’s in the middle of the water, on a little island. Bob: Oh yeah, mine also is that thing.
Mark: Wait, are we looking at the same thing then? Bob: I’m on the coast next to it. Down shore do you see like a little hut? Mark: Well, I’m about to climb on to this thing, I’m-
Bob: On to the lighthouse? Mark: Yeah, I’m going very slowly. I don’t have my torch out right now, I’m in the water. Bob: Are you swimming out to it?
Mark: Yeah.
Bob: I’m walking out here, also. I’m gonna try and climb up on this lighthouse structure thingy. Mark: Oh no. I think- If you’re already climbing on it, I don’t think we’re in the same place. Bob: No? Well, but I- how? It’s like a fucking castle. Bob: How are you climbing on it?
Mark: I don’t know, it MUST be different things that we’re looking at. Bob: Don’t give up hope yet. Alright I found the door.
Mark: Yeah, so we must be in completely different places, so, how do we make a fuckin’ bed? Bob: Well, when you hit Tab, you can go into crafting.
Mark: Ah. Bob: And in there, there are things such as common. Mark: Such as the like as the Iraq. Bob: Such as and like A BED! Mark: Yeah, beadrolls! A SLEEPING bag. That’s what I was looking for. Sleeping bag only needs 30 cloth.
Bob: Ohhh, is that a Tool? Mark: Yeah- No! I just- There’s a searching, I just searched for Bed. Bob: I don’t know how to do that.
Mark: It’s at the bottom, it’s towards the bottom of it, not quite the bottom. Bob: Don’t teach me, just do it for me.
Mark [softly]: Oh, okay, alright then, eh jeez eh. Bob: OH! OH! GUNS!
Mark: Guns?
Bob: GUNS!!! Mark: You hear guns, or you see guns? You found guns?
Bob: GUNS! Mark: You found guns?
Bob: HEARING GUNS! Hearing guns.
Mark: Oh, oh that’s not good. Bob: I was just in my inventory and all of a sudden it was all… Bob: “Baaang, bang bang.”
Mark: *laughing* Mark: Well at least the day- Sun’s coming out, so that’s nice. Bob: So they can find me, hooray.
Mark: I’m going towards the shore. Mark: I don’t know how to make cloth. Mark [high pitched]: How do I- how do you make cloth again?
Bob: Are you hearing the guns? Mark: No, I’m not hearing the guns.
Bob: There’s like a serious fucking gunfight going on. Mark: Hmm, OH! There’s! There’s Hemp Plants that give you CLOTH! Bob: What they look like?
Mark: I dunno, it was kind of like a little Christmas Tree on the ground. Mark: It was in a field. They’re about person-height. They’re dark green. Uh, the leaves look like weed leaves. Mark: And they give you cloth.
Bob: I might be doing a dumb thing right now, but I’m opening up some of these cans to try and get- Mark: Nice.
Bob: *gasp* I got Crude Oil. OH! Do you hear an airdrop? Mark: No…?
Bob: I see an airdrop! Mark: Man, I hear nothing. OH I SEE IT! It’s a- WAY in the distance for me. Bob: Ok, it’s like right over me right now almost. Mark: Ok, so I know which direction you are, but I’ve made- I’m making a Sleeping Bag like right now. Mark: And apparently, I can gift it to someone. Maybe stay away from that, that airdrop, by the way. Bob: Yeah, well I don’t think it actually dropped yet, did it? I didn’t see it drop anything, I just see the plane. Mark: Ok, so-
Bob: Is it over you yet?
Mark: No no, it’s WAY still way in the distance. Mark: Ok, so… If I know my things about this thing… Bob: *chuckles* Which I’m sure you do. Mark: What the fuck did I just do?
Bob: *laughs* Mark: I right clicked it, and now it’s gone! Bob: *laughs loudly* Is it on your hotbar?
Mark: Oh yeah, no wait, it’s fine. Bob: *laughs*
Mark: I’ve got it, I’ve got it. Bob: Dude, obviously right click is delete. Fuckin’ idiot. Mark: Apparently I can craft an accoustic guitar.
Bob: That seems like a thing you need. Mark: Hmm, I can craft some pants, cover up my nudity.
Bob: Hopefully some of this fuckin’ stuff I’m finding has food in it. C’mon. Mark: I’m runnin’ towards that place that you said you were over the…
Bob: Yeah, I’m running in the direction of the… Bob: The th- the- the thing was flying,
Mark: Oh okay. Bob: And if you need rope, got a fuckload of rope! Mark: OH I SEE! I see the snow capped mountain! Mark: It is- It is SO far away. *laughs*
Bob: I’m on top of that bitch right now. Bob: Hooray!
Mark: It is- It is SO in the distance Mark: Wow, that is far.
Bob: I just came over the top of the snow capped mountain! Mark: Ok, good. Why did you go up to the top of that? *chuckle* Bob: ‘Cause that was the quickest way to go in the direction that you are. Mark: Ok, alright, wow, this map is fuckin’ big. Bob: My rock is almost out of durability, what the fuck do I do when my rock’s out of durability? Mark: *laughs* Dude, I don’t know man. Mark [caveman]: WHAT WE DO WHEN ROCK BREAK?! I fuck don’t know! Mark: Ok, I’m almost at the base of the snowy mountain. Bob: Woah really?
Mark: Yeah. Bob: Me here too.
Mark: Okay, alright. Me walking towards mountain, see Power Line, you see power line? Bob [softly]: Power line? No. Mark: Oh, you must be on the other side of it. Bob: I’m gonna come towards what I think is your side, but there might be wolves over here, so this might be really stupid. Mark: Wolves?! Wait, okay, I’m now seeing another snow capped mountain. Bob: Ah fuck, no. No! No! NO! NO!
Mark: Ok, this might be a snow cap hill, might be more of a hill, I see a bigger one that might be more mountain-esque Mark: Ok, but do you see at all in the distance some power lines? Bob: Uh, I see a very tall lighthouse that looks like it’s glass on top!
Mark: Fucking WHAT?! Bob: I’m not very close to it, hang on.
Mark: I think I know y- I think I’m still on the right hill, but I think… Mark [whisper]: You don’t see any power lines?
Bob: I don’t, but I- My vision of the horizon is a little bit obscured right now. Bob: I’m like about to come over a very small crest.
Mark: Uh huh. Bob: I’m also still collecting hemp cloth and stuff while I’m on my way.
Mark: Nice. Bob: I don’t see any power lines.
Mark: Oh no. Bob: I’m gonna continue going in this direction.
Mark: Oh no… Bob: Did you just say “God you’re hot,” or is that just what I wish you had said?
Mark: *laughs* Mark: I said “Oh no,” but you can go with that one. Bob [gruntingly]: God you’re hot.
Mark [gruntingly]: Ah your tits are fucking amazing. Mark: I’ve never said this to you before, but you have great tits man. Bob: I appreciate that. Mark: I don’t know where you would be, but you SAW the lighthouse?
Bob: I’m circum- wait! Power lines! I see power lines! Mark: Ooo! You do? *grunts* Big ones or small ones?
Bob: I’m getting such a boner right now because I see power lines. Bob: Oh my god, very big!
Mark: Oh yeah! Do you see a broken one? Bob [gruntingly]: Oh, maybe.
Mark: Alright, there’s a broken one, that’s what I’m next to right now, just follow those power lines baby! Mark: Follow them AWAY from the sun, that’s the way. No wait, maybe towards, I don’t know which way you are from me. Bob: They’re sort of going along side this- Is this a missile silo? No, that’s not a missile silo. Mark: I’m right by the broken one.
Bob: If you’re facing, if you’re sort of facing the snowy mountain. Mark: Yeah?
Bob: I’m going directly towards the big power line stuff from the snowy mountain. Bob: I’m in like kind of an opening right now, where it’s like, uh, orangey yellow grass, and lots of rocks.
Mark: *sucks through teeth* mm, mhm. Bob: It’s kind of a ravine.
Mark: I think I know where you are. Yeah, I’m headed right towards that direction. Mark: I think we’re about to make contact.
Bob: God, ah yeah. Mark: I’m gonna turn off my censoring, just for this moment.
Bob: *laughs*
Mark: Turning it off. I can’t wait. Bob: Oh, god!
Mark: Oh fuck, I want it! Bob: Alright, I’m right by power lines, I’m not by a broken one, but I’m getting very close to power lines.
Mark: Ok, oh I see a ravine with brown grass and rocks. Mark: Unh fuck! Censoring’s off, baby! Goin’ in raw! Bob: All I’ve got is shoes on, just for you baby. Bob: Wait, so I see little ones and big ones.
Mark: Yeah, that’s good, I’m by little and big. Bob: I don’t see broken, is it a broken little one or a broken big one? Mark: Uh, it’s a broken big one. God, I feel like we’re so close!
Bob: Uh, they end at like a walled-in town area? Mark: whaaat? OH NOOOOOO!
Bob: Is that the- Oh is that where you were? Mark: No, no, I have no idea where that is! Bob: WAIT! I see a broken- I see a big broken one!
Mark: Okay, is it a big broken one by a tree? Or is it a broken one by itself? Bob: Uh, it’s near some trees, but it’s sort of mostly by itself.
Mark: Ok. Alright, are you near it? Bob: I’m right under it. It’s kind of by a weird base situation?
Mark: Oh no. We’re- I feel like we’re close. both: We’ve gotta be, gotta be so close! C’mon! Mark: C’mon, not us, customer service, not us.
Bob: *giggles* Mark: I went around the area, I tried to find that walled-in town you were talking about, but I’m going back to the power lines. Mark: It- The thing about these power lines is they’re literally right next to a snow capped hemp hill mountain. Bob: Yeah, that’s, yeah, that’s where I came from. Mark: Do you hear this sound? *child quietly says quack* *GASP* Mark: You heard that?!
Bob: Did you just shoot a gun?!
Mark: I shot a gun! Bob: Oh fuck yes!
Mark: I’m right by the one with the trees. Bob: MARK I’M COMING!
Mark: YOU’RE COMING?!!! Bob: *orgasm noise*
Mark: *orgasm noise* Ohhh! Bob: You were sort of over a hill from where I was.
Mark: Alright. Bob: Along the power lines that run right by the woods.
Mark: Yeah, I’m gonna fire again- Mark: Oh! I see you! I see you!
Bob: *gasp* Mark: That better be you.
Bob: Where?! Mark: Ok, wait, you did- stop moving, hang on.
Bob: Where? Where? Mark: Ok, is that you? That you? Is that you? Is that you!
Bob: *ORGASPM* MARK!!! AHH!!! *giggles* Mark: OH MY GOD! NICE TITS! Mark: Jesus, I gotta turn on censoring, Jesus. Bob: *laughs gleefully*
Mark: *laughs generously* Bob: I gotta turn off censor and see what yours looks like.
Mark: Yes! See what I’m packin’ baby! Bob: Oh.
Mark: Let me stand on this rock for ya! Hang on. Yeah. Bob: Man, that’s- that’s just rubbery and not…
Mark: I know right! Mark: I like- Why are you bald? You’re bald. Bob: Why am I what?
Mark: You’re bald. WAIT, that’s why we all have no hair! The RADIATION EXPLODED IT off of us! Bob: Ah, yours is growing back though.
Mark: Wait where? Bob: Your- I can see like hair growing in spots on your head, like you just shaved. Mark: Oh. Wait, you get close enough, I can still see the nipps peering through! Mark: Oh my god, your tits are amazing! Oh yeah! Oh god yeah!
Bob: *balalah noise* Bob: I don’t wanna do that with you, nothing personal.
Mark: Oh, okay, that’s fine, I understand. Bob: It just doesn’t have the same effect.
Mark: Ok. Mark: BUT HEY! We found each other! ALRIGHT! 40 minutes in! Yeah! Woobie-doobie-doo!
Bob: *laughs* Bob: Have any food? I’m dying.
Mark: No, I- I need water. I need like a lotta water. Bob: So, how do I make a sleeping bag? *laughs*
Mark: Yeah, uh, you should have cloth. Mark: I’m just gonna put it at like, right there.
Bob: I’ve got some. Alright I have enough. Boop. Bob: Crafting a sleeping bag, so that when we inevitably die, we can come back to life with each other.
Mark: Oh! I just figured out how to give it to a friend. Bob: God damn you! *laughs*
Mark: *laughs* I literally, if you hold Use down on it when you place it, it’s “Give to a friend.” Bob: Ah God I can’t believe we found each other! Mark: Yeah, we finally did, jeez. OH! I’m crafting it right now, I forgot that it takes time to craft stuff. Bob: Wait, so you have a bow and shit too?
Mark: Yeah baby, look! I got a bow. Mark: I’m a provider.
Bob: I’m still- You have a bow, but the arrow is coming out between your pinky and ring finger. Mark: Hey, don’t ask questions. Hey, who has THE BOW?! And who DOESN’T have a bow?
Bob: *laughs* Bob: Hey, you know what?
Mark: Yeah? Yeah what? Bob: That’s fine with me. Mark: I’m gonna- I’m gonna- I’m gonna plant these hemp seeds and hopefully they’ll grow into something later.
Bob: You DID provide a small amount. Bob: *gasp* Is that what these are? Oh I’ve got LOTS of hemp seeds friend!
Mark: So yeah! I’m just planting a whole bunch over there. Maybe they’ll grow, maybe they won’t. Bob: I’m just spam planting them over here. I don’t know if they need water or what, but who fucking cares? Mark: Yeah man.
Bob: We found each other. I was pretty sure we were never going to actually find each other. Mark: Really? Aw man.
Bob: I- I had fears and doubts, man. Mark: Man, you should always believe. Listen to this hopeful music, and just reach down deep in your heart and believe that you can be somebody someday. Bob: The hopeful, desolate tones of the xylophone that’s currently accompanying this extravaganza?
Mark: *chortles* You have a xylophone playing? Mark: I have like a haunting melodic like piano, you don’t have that? Bob: No.
Mark: Ok, well, I DO, so just IMAGINE that! Mark: Along with like the-
Bob: Ok, I’ll imagine your music. Bob: What do the rocks look like? My rock’s almost dead. How do I get a rock?
Mark: Uhh, *huff* It’s like… They look like the rocks on the ground, but they’re not quite like all the other rocks on the ground. Bob: Oh okay. Neat.
Mark: I don’t know, man. It’s just some rocks on the ground that you can pick up, you gotta look at rocks, man. Bob: Oh sure, okay.
Mark: This is “RUST: The Look at Rocks Game,” where you look at rocks! Bob: I guess that is true, I do recall spending a lot of time walking around being like, “Can I collect this? Can I collect this?”
Mark: Yeah. Mark: I remember smacking bears in the ass with rocks, before, that was a thing that happened. Mark: No. Mine! Mine! MINE MINE! NO! MINE!
Bob: Mine.
Mark: MINE! No, too late! It’s mine. Mark: I’m gonna wump this barrel. You can have THAT barrel.
Bob: Oh my god that is SO LOUD Mark: *laughs*
Bob: Earlier when people found me, it was because I had just done THIS and someone was like, “Oh, a dumbass to kill.” Mark: Alright so, what are we planning? Mark: Did I- I didn’t even start the episode. Ok, there’s a can of tuna and an apple here. Do you need food? Bob: I’m actually starving. Are you starving?
Mark: I have some food, I had a candy cane. Ok, I’m gonna drop this apple, boink! Bob: Candy cane? Sustenance!
Mark: Is that good? Is that good for ya, baby? Bob: Uh, doesn’t say I’m starving anymore!
Mark: I’m a provider! Bob: I am still naked and everything, but, you know, you did what you said.
Mark: I’m a provider. Bob: Also, is there any way for us to like, put a beacon on our lovely things on the floor, or if I get lost am I just boned forever?
Mark [squeakily]: Ehh, I don’t know! Mark: I don’t know. To be honest, I don’t think we need to worry about that, because if we die, we’ll go back to it so, you know. Bob: But we’ll lose all of our valuable things I totally have.
Mark: Yeah man, I dunno what to tell ya. Bob: *GASP* Is this a rock? This one looks different! Bob: No, it’s the same.
Mark: *laughs* Bob: I kinda wish there was distinguishing features on this rock.
Mark: We gotta get out of this- Mark: Oh, HI EVERYBODY! My name is Markiplier and this is Bob so…
Bob: Oh, right, uh huh, hello! Mark: Also you should smack the trees and get wood. Did you get wood? Bob: Oh, I thought you were gonna say “Smack that Like Button!” *laughs* Mark: *laughs* You gotta SMASH that Like Button!
Bob: Can we get this video to TEN MILLION LIKES?!
Mark: A HUNDRED TRILLION LIKES, PLEASE!!! Bob: I still don’t have anything to smack the tree with.
Mark: Yeah… Bob: Can’t fist it. You used to be able to fist ’em. Now you can’t fist ’em anymore.
Mark: Oh man… Bob: Oh, that’s not how I like it, that’s not cool.
Mark: I’ve got a machete. I found a machete, dude. Bob: Ah, I saw another person and my instinct was just like “Ah no! Run!”
Mark: Was it me? Bob: It’s still you.
Mark: Is it still me?
Bob: Yeah.
Mark: I just like how you’re running in the distance and I just see a little pixelated blur Bob: Wouldn’t want any of those BOOBS to flop out! Mark: Oo! A CAVE! Dude, come up here! Come up on the hill where I was. There’s a cave!
Bob: I’m a-comin’. Mark: This can be OUR CAVE!
Bob: Right back where you just were?
Mark: Dude! This can be our CAVE! Bob: Our cave where I can starve to death, over and over.
Mark: Oh my god. Bob: Oh hey, there it is, found it, I see you.
Mark: You found it? You see me? Bob: I’m coming from your right. Hullo!
Mark: Where are you? Mark: Oh THERE you are! Ok.
Bob: Hello!
Mark: Come in my cave! Bob: Oh I’m in your cave.
Mark: Oh get in my cave.
Bob: Hey, is THIS a rock?
Mark: That’s what I tried, and I smashed my machete and damaged it. Bob: Is this a rocks? Nope, none of these are rocks.
Mark: Nope, it’s all fake. Bob: Any you guys got rocks?
Mark: Anybody got rocks?
Bob: I guess this is just dirt, these aren’t rocks.
Mark: Anybody seen rocks? Bob: Stupid, doesn’t know what rocks look like.
Mark: *grunt laugh* Sorry. Mark: Oh jeez, this is scary. This reminds me of The Forest.
Bob: This is a pretty sick cave. I feel like some sort of horrible creature lives down here. Mark: Yeah, probably. You remember The Forest? The horrible caves? Mark: Oh my god, that’s a drop that we won’t come back from!
Bob: Oh my god, it’s dark over here! Bob: Wait, WHERE’D YOU GO?!
Mark: Over here!
Bob: Oh hey! Oh my god!
Mark: Alright, ummm… Mark: We’re probably gonna die if we go down here, but I say we go down here.
Bob: Yeah, fuck it, why not? Mark: Bibbity boop! Boobity boop. Boopity boop. Ohhh! Bob: Oh my god, you’re a badass! Just jumping down there, I can see why I picked you.
Mark: Thanks man, yeah, alright- WOAH! Bob: I just hear big swingin’ junk.
Mark: Hey, yeah, this is pretty big, and it swings pretty hard. Bob: The funny thing is it swings 0%! *laughs*
Mark: Hey, come on man.
Bob: When you move around It’s just like, “Merp”
Mark: *laughs* Mark: It’s just like, filled with sediment.
Bob: Is this a *sigh* Wind Waker puzzles? Mark [Dan’s dad]: Don’t fuck up! You did it!
Bob: I won’t, I got skills.
Mark [Dan’s dad]: You DID it! Do you pay bills with those skills? Bob: What the-? How? What? What IS this CAVE? Mark: Oh! Did you see that?
Bob: Oh, ok, the light?
Mark: *giggles* The “Loading” light. Bob: You going left or right?
Mark: Uh, I’m gonna go right, left seems like death. Bob: There’s some light over here- nah, it’s just reflections of nothing.
Mark: Woah, what happened here? Bob: Is there lore to this game now?
Mark: Dude, I don’t know- WHAT IS THIS?! Bob: The underground community that died because it dug too deeply and…
Mark: The fuck? It’s a LIFT?! Bob: *GASP!!!*
Mark: Uhh, you first! Bob: Oh! Wait! Come back!
Mark: Ya gotta get IN it! FUCK! Oh no!
Bob: *laughs* Mark: Oh, why didn’t we think of that? You have to be IN it! *laughs*.
Bob: Maybe it’ll come back. Maybe it goes UP and DOWN. Mark: Uh, something tells me that’s NOT how this works. Oh no. Bob: It’ll come back.
Mark: It’ll come. It’ll come back. OH IT’S COMING BACK!
Bob: HA! I told ya! I knew! I knew! Bob: Wait, so now let’s explore the other pathway now that we know there’s a lift of some sort.
Mark: Yeah, alright. Yeah. Bob: Dude, we’re gonna take that up, and come out and be like, “Man I wonder where our sleeping bags was at.” Mark: We don’t need to go back for the sleeping bags.
Bob: “I wonder-” No wait! Mark! Oh that is the way.
Mark: Yeah. Bob: I know, but when we die, we’ll go back to them and then this will all be meaningless.
Mark: Yeah, exactly. Bob: These tunnels literally were just dug by a huge fucking worm.
Mark: Probably. Bob: Also is this just the SAME as the other room?
Mark: Yeah, it’s another lift. Bob: So you wanna get in and see what happens?
Mark: Try to get in with me, stand on my head. Mark: Ok, this is a GREAT VIEW! For ME!
Bob: This is fine. Mark: Oh god yeah. Nope! Oh bye! Thanks for leaving me!
Bob: Oh, oh! Oh god Bob: Um, it says “0% Stable” on the lift right now.
Mark [squeakily]: Yeah, that’s fine. Bob: Should I ride it back down or should I-
Mark: Nah nah nah, you stay up there, it’ll come back down, I’ll come join you in a second. Bob: What if I just break it and it doesn’t come back down?
Mark: Please- ! There’s another lift, so I think I’ll be okay. Bob: Just give it the old *thrust grunt*, alright.
Mark: Just give it the old *thrust grunt*, slam my crotch against it a few times. Bob: Interesting point. We’re not actually out of the cave up here. We’re just in another cave.
Mark: Oh, really? Well that’s not good.
Bob: *laughs* Bob: There’s no way- There’s not even any LIGHT up here! It’s just pitch blackness.
Mark: Jeez, maybe we shouldn’t have done this, huh? Bob: *laughs*
Mark: Maybe this was just a bad-
Bob: I mean, I don’t have anything super valuable, I don’t know. Mark: Yeah, I mean, it’s not like we were actually trying to build a base or survive or anything. Bob: It’s not like we had a chance anyways, like whatever, fuck it. Mark: Hello, Bobbi Boi. Woah! Woah I’m stuck!
Bob: Woahoah! You’re coming out the bottom! Bob: *laughs forever*
Mark: Fuck- wa!!!!! NO! I’m- Oh fucking FUCK! Bob: *sustained laughter*
Mark: I’m wounded! Come get me! I’ve been wounded. *laughs* Mark: Oh god, my screen is freaking the fuck out!
Bob: Oh my god, I can hear you screaming in the distance! Mark: *hearty laugh*
Bob: Are you just a psychopath who’s just like “Ahhhh!”? Bob: Can you get back in the thing or what?
Mark: No, I can’t move! It says “You will die unless you get help soon.” Mark: YOU DIDN’T RIDE IT BACK DOWN?!!?!?!?!?!?
Bob: … No, I was busy laughing!
Mark: WHAAT?!! Why didn’t you help me?!?!! Mark: I’m gonna die-
Bob: When you said- Oh, welp, hey! *CRUNCH*
Mark: Ohh h h fuck dude! Oh no…
Bob: *escalating laughter* Bob: Now we’re just screaming at each other!
Mark: Jesus man. Well, I mean, I’m DEAD. I’m literally. Bob: Like helpless morons in a pit. We’re just like “DAhhh! Arrghlh!”
Mark: *laughs* Mark: This is like “Ah! I broke my leg! Jump down and help me!” Krrk! “AH! MY LEG!” Mark: I’m gonna- I’m dead, so I’m gonna spawn in my sleeping bag.
Bob: I’m spawning at Babsack. Hey buddy! Mark: Oh heyyyy. It’s like NOTHING happened! Oh, the hemp is growing! Do you SEE that? Bob: *GASP* [“Crazy La Paint” by MiniMusicMan plays sustained]
Mark: So thank you everybody so much for watching! We fucked up real bad! But that’s okay. ‘Cause I didn’t even do an intro, so- Mark [softly]: but that’s ok, you can forgive us, right guys? *sigh* oh man… Bob: *laughs*
Mark: So thank you everybody, so much for watching, and, as always, we will see YOU, in the next video, BUH BYE!
Bob [softly]: Bye… [Music intensifies]


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