VALENTINES DAY GLAM // pink glitter halo eye

hi guys it’s Jennasea and welcome back or
to my channel first of all I don’t know why I look so pink so today I’m gonna be
showing you how to do a super cute pink glam valentine’s day look and I actually
practiced this look before I did it on camera this is just gonna be an eye look
I’m not gonna be doing my full face like I normally do in every video just
because it’s after school and I’m tired I primed my eyes I’m gonna be using the
fenty concealer SiC in the shade bamboo this shade is a little dark for me but
when I prime my eyes it doesn’t really matter that much just because you know
we’re putting shadows over it since the formula is really dry I’m gonna spray my
Real Techniques sponge with the Mario Badescu rose water before I blend it out
just so it blends out a little smoother I already did my eyebrows off camera you
probably can’t tell because they look the exact same if not worse we’re gonna
be using two pallets and I’m gonna be using the modern renaissance by
Anastasia Beverly Hills and the My Little Pony palette by Pierre I’m going
to set my eyes with the shade tempura and then we’re gonna be taking the shade
of one fresco which is a really light pink and this is gonna be the transition
shade oh hey you guys are really nice and zoomed in now
so with that shade we’re just going to be putting that in our crease but all
around our whole crease focusing it and like a circular motion I guess like half
circle Hemisphere whatever those things are called and you’re also gonna want to
take it up your brow bone because this is a look that goes pretty high since it
is kind of a cut crease now with the My Little Pony palette I’m gonna be taking
this shade Pinkie Pie which is this hot pink so we’re just gonna be building
this up in the crease but I’m just gonna be like dabbing it all around this area
first and now I’m gonna blend it out guys as I’m filming this we are so
incredibly close to 500 subscribers and six well first of all sorry this mic
quality is really bad but I just want to say I was talking about how many
subscribers I have and then I like saw something and I don’t know what it was
and then just went back to blending my eyeshadow and then like a minute later I
started talking about it and so like I wanted you guys to know that I’m scared
subscribers away from 500 and that’s just amazing okay and while I’m on like
a topic of like talking about my youtube channel so I was thinking about filming
get ready with me just whenever I’m gonna be getting ready but I be talking
about a lot of topics that bother me because there’s a lot of stuff I want to
like say and things like that so I’m gonna be like ranting I guess which is
like Rachel can’t you did a video like that get ready with me while ranting but
I don’t know if had something you guys want to see all the topics would be like
relatable I guess it wouldn’t be like my personal life it’s just gonna be like my
opinions on like topics that really nobody can get hurt about if you want to
see I’ll get ready with me will I talk about like makeup related topics I guess
comment below because I really want to know if people want to see it anyway now
I would be taking the shade love letter from the modern renaissance palette it’s
just like a darker pink and focusing that in the outer part I’m gonna be
taking the color pop no filter concealer in the shade fair neutral I think so
basically what I’m gonna do is cut out like a half circle on my eyelid right
where the area that we kept blank is and then I’m gonna set it with the
Physicians Formula translucent setting powder so now with the MLP palette now
that we have that carved out we’re gonna take the shade Y light Sparkle which is
this like pink shimmer I’m actually going to be using my finger to apply
this because it applies much better with your finger so I put the shadow on it
and this is what it looks like so we’re going to be using the NYX gold glitter
liner to line the outside of this like half circle I don’t want to open my eyes
I don’t want it to transfer but now we’re just gonna let it dry while this
is drying I was thinking about making like a spam account for my youtube
channel on Instagram that you guys can follow
and I’ll just like keep you guys updated with YouTube and my life and things like
that just so I can like talk to you guys outside of YouTube because I think
that’d be really fun but I don’t want to make it if nobody’s gonna follow it so
so the final step for this eye is to use this pinkie pie shade in it for my
bottom lash line so I’m gonna do this eye and then I’ll be right back
wow it’s magic oh my god now I have to put on fake lashes oh my god
alright I guess I’ll be back again well this is the finished look I actually
don’t have time to do this but like you totally should highlighter on the inner
corners and highlight on the brow bone I really hope you guys enjoyed watching
this video I hope you have a lovely Valentine’s Day and I’m gonna be coming
out with another look really soon hopefully and I hope you guys enjoy that
one too my socials in the description of every single video you can follow me
there comment on this video like it if you liked it and subscribe if you want
to see more of me because that would mean the world to me only but most
importantly thank you so much again and I love you guys so much bye


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