Using an External Wi-Fi Camera with an iPad Pro

Hello, I’m Bev Sharritt, specialist for
blind and low vision AT at PATINS. Today I’m going to demonstrate using an
external Wi-Fi camera with an iPad Pro as a video magnification solution
for students with low vision. [intro music] The camera I’m using is a Sony QX10
Smartphone Attachable Lens Style Camera. Tablet and phone cameras built into the device
have become a great tool for students with low vision. Many students use their device with a stand
to do both near and distance magnification. But what if you’d like to use a camera
placed away from the device? This solution provides a way for the user
to control the camera from the device in the back of the classroom avoiding the clutter
of extra equipment on their desk and the stigma that sometimes comes
with using a magnifier. To connect the camera, turn it on. When on, the camera sends
out its own Wi-Fi signal. On the iPad, go to
Settings and click Wi-Fi. So I’m connecting to the camera Wi-Fi. When you connect to this signal and open a
viewing app such as PlayMemories Mobile, this student can zoom in and out
using a slider bar on the app. They can also take still shots and movies
of a class session to review later. I’m using an inexpensive
portable tripod for the camera. You can customize your set-up
with a clamp-style or Gorilla Grip tripod. This lens provides a 10x zoom. You may need a 30x or 100x lens to provide
enough zoom and picture quality for your student. As with every AT decision, the evaluation
of a device should be closely linked to the student’s functional vision assessment. Beyond classroom use, the camera could be
placed at a school assembly, or sporting event to give the student visual access. Given it’s portability, it could be
a mobile solution for field trips. The iPad Pro is available at no cost for check
out from the PATINS Lending Library. The camera will be available
beginning March 1. Find us by searching PATINS Project
on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube or on the web at

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