Unboxing – 13″ Macbook Pro Retina [Mid 2014] + Setup

hey guys what’s up I’ve been waiting a long time for a mid-level 13-inch Macbook Pro and i finally was able to get my hands on the newest release which came out about a week ago so without further ado let’s get straight on into this in unboxing so immediately you can see that this box is a very white and it has a traditional iPad style box no more of the old style packaging for Macbooks so here you can see just some basic specs go ahead and pause this if you want. This is the one with 8GB of RAM 256 gigabyte SSD and it does have nine hour battery life which is great especially if i’m going to be taking this around college or just doing a lot of videos for youtube and whatnot so you can expect some material on Mac OS X now that i have those platforms let’s go ahead and take off the front box to do and turn it all around so we can see what the heck is in this box so I’m just going to go ahead and put this Macbook Pro to the side for now and take a look at that in just a second so here we do have the magsafe if you want if you want to go ahead and use that to charge it then we just have an extension cable if you want to use it for longer outlets then you have your literature and so that’s pretty much it that’s in the box so let’s go ahead and go over this it just has some literature “hello” some information about your Macbook Pro to get started i will be reading that “macbook pro”, apple stickers i would expect and a cleaning cloth go ahead and put that off to the side and let’s get to the star of the show the Retina Macbook Pro you know I’m really impressed by the size of this machine and hopefully it’s powerful enough for everything i need because if not baby might have to go back ok so let’s go ahead beautiful apple logo made of aluminum very high quality of a laptop so let’s go ahead and open this up right there take away the cover and let’s turn this thing on and ok we’re seeing the apple logo for the first time and i will be editing this entire video with iMovie Ok i’m going to pick English Ok US yes that is my country I do live in the United States US keyboard uh-huh go ahead and pick my Wi-Fi network and type in my password I’m going to sign in with my apple ID and password and now let’s go ahead and say I agree to become human centipad yes go ahead and hit next ok have everything set up. Register my Mac sure it’s going to set everything up and very quick install compared to windows and you know I just goes ahead and runs through a bunch of questions so there you go brand new Macbook Pro with Retina Display recently released from Apple this past week so if you enjoyed this video and want to see more videos on this laptop or just want to see some Mac OS X coverage go ahead and let me know in the comment section below i’ll make sure to read it and until next time i will catch you guys later


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