Um olhar de esperança

Hi, how is it going? My name is Walter. I’m a Brazillian Missionary
serving in Germany with my family: My wife, Raphaela, and our children
Caleb (4 years old) & Rebeca (12 years old) I’m here to ask your help! Your support and financial contribuition
to our crowdfundind campaing to help funding the surgery
my wife will have to do this May to remove the oil that
was injected in her eyes in order to stop… …the rectinal detachment. That will cost about 26.000 reais. This will cover the procedure and
the required post-surgery treatment, like: – Weekly checkups during these next 4 to 5 weeks – Post-surgery eye drops, – Hospital trips – Ophthalmologist trips. Hospital is one hour away from were we live. I would like to ask your help and financial support! Rapha has been suffering with
rectinal detachment for a number of years she has been thru two surgeries
“vitrectomy” in her eyes back in Brazil last november here in Germany she’ve lost panoramic sight in her left eye we were only able to get a
free appointment in February beacouse our insurance – mandatory for peple living here
doesn’t cover preexisting diseases so, thanks to a friend we’ve
got an appointment The case caught the attention of the doctors,
who met on a committee and decided to take to surgery as a matter of urgency to try saving her left eye,
that was under the risk of needing to be replaced by a prosthesis. doctors took the risk of trying to
save her eye and succeed. Praise God! when she was about to checkout the doctors checked the right eye and found that it was also compromised and in need of surgery so they proceed with the surgery and
applied the gas in that eye too! closed the retina with a laser and she
was able to checkout after one week in the hospital After discharge, Rapha had to go to the ophthalmologist every three days for evaluation and follow-up. Recovery is very tiring she needs to keep her head down all the time,
and that’s why she’s not the one making this video She can not look at the camera,
and spends the maximum amount time keeping her head down alternating between the bed and a chair to sleep, going to the toilet and sitting at the table for the meals That’s why i can’t record with her After the first surgeries and follow-up visits it was identified a new
retinal detachment in the right eye so, she had to have the third surgery
– the second in the right eye – another technique was used this time the doctors injected an oil
to position and glue the retina After 4 more days, she was able to Checkout again during the follow-up, it was verified that
now, the left eye retina had detached One more surgery! The fourth surgery
– second of the left eye – The doctors would use the oil,
just as they did in the right eye … when they found traces of a gel used in a
surgery done in Brazil more than 10 years ago they could not put the oil and therefore,
injected more gas and now she is recovering from that fourth surgery But there is a fifth surgery scheduled for May that is when they will remove the
oil injected into the right eye So, why am I running this crowdfundind campaing only for this surgery? God performed a miracle! Our insurance made an exception becouse
of Rapha’s urgent and severe situation They covered all expenses until April 13th
– date of renewal of our contract – This fifth surgery, in May, was
of the plan’s one-year coverage period even after the renewal of the plan the case
was no longer considered an exception. So, no insurance. So I count on the support of all of you
to help us pay for this surgery! We ask as well for your prayers and intercession
so that Rapha can fully recover soon I want to thank you for watching the video until the end… for supporting financially and sharing
this video and campaign link with your friends so that we can achieve the goal
of covering all these expenses Thank you!
May the Lord bless you in the name of Jesus!

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