UI Health Presents: Changing The Lives of Sickle Cell Patients

I actually went to hospitals within
the past six seven years that have told me they have no clue what’s going
on with me I mean you know, its honest, but it’s amazing to me in this modern day a doctor can still say that so I truly have no idea what I would do
without UI Health I came to the sickle cell clinic for the second time and I got doctor Gordeuk as my care
provider in the Sickle Cell clinic he actually started me on little different type of care which is
called an exchange transfusion and since I’ve been on that
exchange transfusion I have been feeling amazing so without this clinic I don’t know
where I would go or what I would do because frankly I’m really tired of
doctors asking me how to care for me. Really I’m scared
I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have the Sickle Cell Center because I
don’t know of any other place whether in the community or at
another hospital that provides like the attention that we
need as a sickle cell patient I don’t
know of any other places so I feel like I wouldn’t have any options I’m grateful. That’s all I can say because most times people don’t believe
that you’re in this much pain as you claim or do not understand the issues that you’re having as a patient
with sickle cell I like the fact that they are not just
treating you they are researching new treatments to help asses patients
living with sickle cell support patients living with sickle cell
I never thought I would see this day, I never would have
thought. I’m 45 years old now and I’m looking forward to growing old a lot of people with sickle cell they
have a hard time in school and with their grades they we
some people don’t tend to get the best grades because we missed so much school
and we’re in such a lot of pain that we can’t
focus and so i think its important that you get
the proper care that you need and you’re taking care of yourself so you can get
the best grades that you can and aspire to inspire basically here, before they recognize us as sickle cell people, second I think that they know how urgent it is that we get the care that we need while other places they I’ve experienced being left in the hallway untreated, not even being through the
triage process so it was like I was just ignored. Here I’m not ignored at all UI Health gave me back, I want to say the fountain of youth but we’ll say the closest thing to it my life’s changed more so I wanna say my inner spirit. I walked this earth for forty years with this illness so its
left track marks on my body where I still feel discomfort but I enjoy so much knowing that those
track marks when I continue to grow continue to affect the
rest of my body its just a blessing to know that I mean I’m cured, you know? I lived
all this life being told that I would die
from this illness and I don’t know the joy that my family has when they tell the story it just brings a smile to me and I give it all to UI Health my name’s Nicole and I have sickle cell
disease I’m Albert and I have sickle cell anemia I am Beverly and I have sickle cell disease. Hi my name
is Anthony and I have sickle cell disease I’m leslie wolfe and I have sickle-cell
but sickle cell doesn’t have me. of I’m Calvin Myrick and UI Health
cured me of sickle cell

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