UCL Innovators: Dr Anthony Khawaja

I’m Anthony Khawaja and I’m interested
in the link between people’s DNA code and whether they will develop eye diseases or
blindness in the future. Now is a really exciting time for this type
of research because it has become so affordable to measure people’s DNA code. My role in this is to take data from patients
who come into Moorfields Eye Hospital with glaucoma, and their genetic data, and look
at how these link, to help us decide in the future who needs to be screened for glaucoma,
who needs to be treated, which treatment will work best in them. I love this research because it combines medical
knowledge I have from the glaucoma clinic with my data analytics work, which I do at
UCL, and this couldn’t be a better place to put those two together. We have Moorfields Eye Hospital right next
to the Institute of Ophthalmology – putting these two together is what’s going to help
drive our research forward, achieving that holy grail of personalised medicine.

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