Two Koreas to exchange information on contagious diseases

helped authorities of the two Koreas met
for the first time in 11 years to discuss cooperation in health and
medical care they saw eye-to-eye on the need to work together in stopping the
spread of epidemics as agreed by the leaders of Seoul and Pyongyang at the
September summit Oh jung-hee sheds light on what the session produced the two
Koreas are expanding the scope of their cooperation from railways roads and for
station to now health and medical care senior health officials from Seoul and
Pyongyang met at the joint liaison office and kiss hung on Wednesday
attending where South Korea’s vice health minister conductor and North
Korea’s Pam yang soo who has Pyongyang’s hygiene agency they mainly discussed
ways to jointly tackle contagious diseases and agreed to set up necessary
measures to do that like cooperation and technology they’ve also agreed to work
together in diagnosing and preventing epidemics like tuber closest and malaria
and to proceed with various other public health projects to kick-start their work
South and North will be exchanging information on contagious diseases on a
trial basis starting before the end of this year all this is to prevent the
inflow and spread of epidemics on the Korean Peninsula amid concern that
diseases could spread as interactions and exchanges between the two Koreas
deepened further and become more frequent this is the first time health
officials from Seoul and Pyongyang have met in 11 years after the second
inter-korean summit back in 2007 the two Koreas had a working-level meeting
instead of specific work plans but the project couldn’t go on after South Korea
adopted its own unilateral sanctions against the north and 2010 in response
regimes sinking of a South Korean warship Oh jung-hee Arirang news

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