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(spooky music) (record scratching) – Hi guys! It’s Audrey and today
I’m here with my sister. – Jordan from JustJordan33. – Today we’re gonna get spooky! – Oh yeah! – Alright, so today we are gonna be putting in Halloween contacts. – For the first time. – And the seeing other people’s reactions. Now actually this is not your first time. – This is not my first
time putting contacts, but this is Audrey’s. – Actually, I’ve tried at the… – The eye doctor place. – Yeah, the eye place
’cause you have to learn before you put them in. And I also filmed a
video on here with my dad and we tried facing his fears where he put in contacts. You’ll have to check it
out to see if it happened, if it worked, but my eye, if you can tell, it’s red right now because I
tried taking my contact out and it wouldn’t come out. So that’s why I like–
– This is her first time trying contacts, but I’ve
been wearing contacts – It’s been a while.
– Everyday since 2015 so, I kinda know a bit about contacts, so I’m here to coach Audrey and help her. – And we’ve never tried
spooky Halloween ones. – No, we’ve never tried Halloween ones, which I’m so excited to try. – So we’re gonna do the
Halloween ones at the end, so be sure we stay. Actually it’ll be like
halfway in this video. – Yeah, we’re just gonna
show you what we have. – But first we’re gonna show
you our all natural ones. – Yeah. – So color contacts. I’m gonna be trying gemstone green. I love green eyes. Green eyes are my favorite eyes. – I forgot, okay, so I
actually do need glasses and I’m not wearing anything right now and I have like (laughs) I have both my contacts right here and I forgot which one goes to which eye because I have different
prescriptions for each eye. My right eye is worse than my left eye and I forgot which one goes which. So this should be interesting. We’re gonna go ahead and see what happens! Okay so I’m gonna put
in the brilliant blue and I’m gonna show you how I do it. If you don’t like people
touching their eyes, well this is the wrong video for you. (laughing) – [Audrey] What in the world? – It’s like not wanting to stay. – [Audrey] It’s on your eyelash I think. Oh there you go. (playful music) Ew, that’s nasty. – Is it in? – Yeah, it’s in. – Oh wow. – You’ve got one blue eye, one brown eye. You’re like a husky! – Okay so there we go,
there’s one contact in. (playful music) No, it’s not wanting to go in. Ta da! – Wow. You look so different with blue eyes. – I know, it totally makes me look– – You can still see a little bit brown because her pupils are tiny. – That’s ’cause we have
bright lights over here. – Okay you’re gonna have
to hold up a mirror for me. – There we go! Blue eyes. I don’t know, I feel like
I look super different. It makes me makeup look
really different too. And just everything is really different. I don’t know, what do you guys think? Brown eyes or blue eyes? Okay Audrey, let’s whip
out the big mirror. – Guys, this is gonna take me a while. – Yeah, and so we brought
in this massive mirror. This is totally unnecessary,
but we don’t have a small mirror, so, we’re goin’ with it. And Audrey, what one are you putting in? – Green. – [Jordan] So you’re
gonna have green eyes. – [Audrey] Yeah. – Okay so our natural eyes. Audrey has natural, I don’t know, she says she has hazel
but I beg to differ. I think it’s light brown.
– I have green, yellow, brown. – I know, I think they’re just light brown and mine are like puppy dog
brown, like they’re brown for sure, my natural eyes. So we’re gonna see if this
makes Audrey’s eyes green. They should. – Okay this is huge, why
is the contact bigger? The bigger the contact the
harder it is to get in my eye. This eye is red. (playful music) – Oh no. Look down, look down. Yup you got it, first try! Boom, like a boss! That’s insane! Wait I wanna see. That’s so weird! – Oh my eye, it’s so red. – Okay put in the other one. Oh this is so cool! Did you do it? I can’t see.
– Yup. – Yay! – I can’t see anything. Oh, whoa, my eyes are so watery I can’t. – You have contacts in your eyeballs! Yay! – High five. – [Jordan] Ready? – Yup. – [Dad] Jordan with blue eyes. – Whoa. – No. – [Jordan] (laughing) No. – [Dad] You don’t like them? – Okay Jake and Ty, are
you ready to see Audrey? – Yeah. – Okay, come on! – Dun da da da da da! – Audrey! – There are green eyes! – Yeah, what do you think? – Meh (laughing) – Meh. – [Audrey] You guys are so mellow. – I think that Jordan’s trying to be Ty and you’re trying to be
Jake with his green eyes. (laughing) – We’re just slowly
turning into our brothers. Alright, I think it’s spooky time. – [Brother] Yeah, let’s go! – Let’s go. Okay guys, I think those
reactions from our brothers were like what in the world? – They were just like what’s going on? – ‘Cause no one’s ever seen
our eyes different colors. – Yeah. – Especially yours is so drastic. – I know, I feel very different. I’m like wow, I’ve got blue eyes now. – I like it, I just need
to get more used to it ’cause right now I’m like,
I can feel it in my eye. So, those are my eyeballs. Alright I’m so excited for the next one! – I’m so excited! – These are spooky! So I ordered yellow cat eyeballs. – They’re like special containers. Oh my gosh, yours are gonna be so cool! – My eyes are gonna be scary. – Mine are The Hulk. – And Jordan is known to
be like The Hulk because. – I don’t know why, because
it’s not because I get mad, it’s just because every time I make slime or I test a bath bomb or do whatever, my hands always get stained green and so it always looks like I’m The Hulk and I’m also wearing green today, so I mean I’m gonna do a full
transformation into The Hulk. – You are, and I’m gonna go yellow. I’m so excited for you to
finally transform into Hulk. Oh my gosh. (laughing) Okay put the other one in! Yeah, so she’s gonna, she’s putting the other one in right now and I am so, like oh my gosh, that is so crazy! I’m so excited to put mine in ’cause I’m gonna have cat eyes. – [Jordan] Yours is gonna be
even more insane than mine, like yours is yellow. – Yellow is not, well actually
yellow is kind of natural, but not like full on neon yellow. Yours has like veiny green though, that’s not normal. Oh my gosh guys, this
is what it looks like! This is gonna be so weird. (spooky music) Oh my gosh it’s in it’s in! – What? I wanna see it. – Okay, you ready? Ah! – [Jordan] Whoa! – I look so scary, oh my gosh. – [Jordan] Whoa! – I’m a cat, meow. Oh my gosh, this is crazy! – Okay so we got both of our contacts in I’m gonna show you mine first and then we’ll show you Audrey’s. Ready? Here is my Hulk transformation. Three, two, one. Rawr! That’s insane. Okay Audrey’s is even more dramatic. I haven’t even seen hers yet. Ready? – Meow! – [Jordan] Oh my goodness. – This would be really creepy
in the dark, like at night. (hisses) – Oh, that’s be so creepy! – What do you think? – That’s creepy.
– It’s awesome. – It’s awesome? – I think it’s awesome. – Crazy! – Crazy? You think mine’s crazy, wait for Audrey’s. Let’s go. – [Family] Ah! – That’s freaky!
– You’re a cat! – Meow! – That’s really–
– You should go to school like that!
– Scary! – Dinner time! So stoked to hang out for dinner. – Hey guys! (screaming) – Oh my gosh! – That is, are you a cat? – [Audrey] Yeah! – That’s creepy! – [Woman] That’s so crazy. – So, does it look like you’re
looking through a tunnel? – Kind of, like I can
see green on the edges. – That’s creepy. Good job. – [Dad] Are you ready
to go scare our waiter? – I’m gonna scare everyone. – Could you pull back your
claws a little next time? (laughing) – I trimmed them. – Gosh. (laughing) – [Boy] Oh my god. – That is so creepy! – Ah! – That’s creepy. – They do not line up with your eyes. – I know, it hasn’t moved,
hasn’t moved around. ‘Cause like my eyes… – So this one’s like this.
– This one’s like this. – It moves around. Okay, so this is Kesley from the Leroys and this is Rykel from the Ohana Adventure and Chad from 8 Passengers! – [Teens] Woo! – Hey I’m Claylan from
the Claylan channel. – I’m Miley from the Goodwhit’s Blog. – Everyone ready? – [Jordan] For the reactions? (laughing) – No!
– Oh my god! – I’m a cat! (laughing) – That is so cool, but
also kind of creepy. – It is creepy, yeah. – So this is Ender from April and Davey and we’re gonna see his
reaction to Audrey’s contacts. Ready? – Hey Ender! – Hi. – Open your eyes really big. (laughing) I think he doesn’t know how to react! – What is that? Is that weird? He’s like. – [Audrey] He’s just like. – [Woman] Ender, is that scary? (laughing) Is that weird, Ender? – He’s just like. Okay then. – I think we might have
given him nightmares. Okay guys, so I’ve gotten
a few people’s reactions. What do you think of my eyes? – About your… Holy cow! Are you serious? Look up at the light. – I can shine a flashlight. – Holy cow, they’re marbles! Hold on, stay lookin’ at me. That is incredible. – (laughing) And like I was
showing the kids earlier and they were all surrounding me. It was so funny. – Can I look, can I? – Yeah. Is this uncomfortable for
me to stare into your eyes? – No, it’s okay. – Oh my gosh, that is so cool! – Okay guys, so that is
it for today’s video. This is so much fun, it’s so crazy. Oh my gosh. – I’m not even, I can’t even look at you for longer than 10
seconds, it’s so creepy. – I know and my eyes keep moving so the pupils keep changing and
it’s not always up and down. – It is so creepy. – Yeah, this is so weird, but
this is perfect for Halloween. If you wanted to go
full out to be a cat… – These are so cool! – Yeah, you just have
to get past the point of touching your eye. – True. – It was a little hard at first. But that is it for today’s video, we hope you enjoyed it and if you did, give a big thumb’s up. Also comment down below what
your favorite contacts was from this video. Was it Jordan’s Hulk eyes, my cat eyes, my green eyes, or Jordan’s blue eyes? Tell us in the comments. And remember to subscribe,
turn from red to gray and hit the bell icon
so you’ll be notified whenever I post a new video. I’ll see you guys next time. – [Girls] Bye! – Woo! (spooky music)


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