Treating Cataracts

( bright upbeat music) – I’m Dr. Scott Turner. I’m an ophthalmologist and I’m affiliated with
Brigham City Community Hospital and work at Brigham Eye
Specialists in Brigham City, Utah. A cataract is a cloudiness
to the natural lens. We all have a lens behind the pupil of our eye and typically at birth that
lens is extremely clear. As we age that lens becomes cloudy. The lens can start to yellow and brown and as it down our vision
slowly becomes more blurry. There are a variety of
risk factors for cataracts. The number one risk factor is age, which of course none of
us can do anything about, but there are some things we can modify. Ultraviolet exposure may
increase our risk to cataracts so it’s important for individuals to wear sunglasses or hats. Also smoking we know increases
the risk of cataracts so we encourage individuals to give up the habit of smoking. Right now the typical treatment
for cataracts is surgery. Fortunately the surgery
has low complication rates with high success rates. The surgery has become very good over the last 10 to 15 years. A typical cataract surgery will take anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes. It’s an outpatient procedure. Patients have the surgery
and go home the same day. The surgery is created
through small incisions, so there are no stitches that need to come out at a later date and patients typically feel well even the afternoon after
having cataract surgery. I usually ask my patients to take it somewhat easy during that first week. To avoid rubbing their eye and avoid any real strenuous activity. Other than that, I encourage my patients to do their normal activities. Cataract surgery is definitely one of the more rewarding things that I do. Especially to take somebody who may be on the verge of not being able to maintain their driver’s license because their vision is
getting to that level, and to get them back to 20/20 or 20/25 vision is very rewarding and a lot of fun. Both for me as a physician but also for the patients. (bright up-tempo music)

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