Toyota 86 Hakone Edition – What’s Different? Full Overview

Hey Youtube what’s up this is Ben from Should
I Get It .com and this video we’re gonna be talking about the Hakone Edition 86 from Toyota
this is a 2020 car and in this video I’m going to give you an
overview of what’s special about this one and then I’ll have a final review in about
a week or two on the channel. So as you guys can see of course this is a
gorgeous British Racing Green 86 from Toyota and its got the 17 inch bronze copper looking
wheels I think it’s an absolutely fantastic looking
color combo I really mean that I also do own a British
Racing Green Miata so I might be a little bit biased towards the color I think the color
combo’s awesome but I wanna tell you my favorite part and
that is these seats Look at this photo right here if someone told
me that this was a different brand car like maybe a higher end car like a Jaguar F-Type
or maybe some sort of newer Aston I would believe it. These seats look fantastic they are a two
tone tan and Alcantara they grip really well and they also look just really high end and
they come in this 86 which is awesome Now going on the color matching you also get
an armrest which I know is not standard in the 86 from my understanding I haven’t driven one since 2013 when it was
still the FR-S but you have a color matching arm rest which slides back and forth which
is nice So if you’re doing more casual driving you
can leave it there or slide it back if you’re in the mountains You also get this tan stitching on the steering
wheel and on the shift boot and on the brake lever So you have a lot of matching accents here and then you have an embroidered 86 logo on
the passenger side which looks really nice and you have Alcantara on the door cards right
here on the pads and you still have these chrome door handle
pulls if they were black that’d be nice but it looks
fantastic You also get an 86 logo on the trunk floorliner and you get a really good looking subtle wing
on the trunk it is the British Racing Green on the outside and then Black on top I think it looks really good and what’s nice
is you also get two things that you wouldn’t know unless you owned this car You get a leather key glove so it matches
with the tan of the seats perfectly so you can keep your newer looking key in here It is just a fob it’s not a physical key anymore
and then you also have the folio booklet holder which has your quick start guide and the car
instruction manual and all that good stuff and you can keep your insurance info and everything
matches together really well It is a full set I think it looks fantastic Toyota did a really good job with this The only thing is there are some blanks on
the steering wheel that’s because it uses the same wheel as the BRZ The BRZ has some buttons there but overall
I think the Hakone edition as a full package looks fantastic now I’m gonna have to go drive
it and make a video about that So far I am definitely happy with it especially
in the corners I hope you guys enjoyed the video if you have
any requests leave them below and I’ll see you in the next one Thanks for watching PEACE


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