This Is What Happens When You Stop Wearing Makeup

Even if your idea of a perfect Saturday afternoon
involves drooling over shelves of lip gloss shades and eyeshadow palettes at your local
boutique, everyone needs a makeup break from time to time. Yes, it’s fun to gussy up, and cosmetics can
certainly boost our sense of confidence while out and about, but slathering on those coats
of coverall every day can be pretty unhealthy for your skin. By pressing the pause button on these products
and opting for a make-up free fresh face like Alicia Keys, there may be some serious health
benefits you never expected. Here’s what happens to your face when you
stop wearing makeup. Your pores will shrink Foundation, blush and bronzer might look nice
and all, but underneath the surface, these tiny makeup particles accumulate in our pores
with each and every wear. Along with all the air pollutants our skin
is exposed to everyday, dirt builds up, causing pores to become clogged and enlarged over
time. Going makeup free — and keeping up with
regular facial cleansing — minimizes buildup inside the pores, and reduces sagging and
wrinkle formation in the skin. Fewer breakouts The more makeup you use, the more toxins and
chemical compounds you’re putting on your face — not to mention all the gross stuff
that builds up on our makeup brushes that we know we’re not cleaning on a regular basis
like we should. All these germs not only clog pores, but they
cause inflammation, which leads to more breakouts that we end up desperately trying to cover
up with more makeup. Less makeup means fewer pimples, which helps
to stop this vicious cycle at the start. Fewer eye infections Mascara will do wonders to make your lashes
look longer, and it’s fun to see how much our eyes can pop with a little length. Unfortunately, though, most eye makeup contains
preservatives that can cause pink eye, and allergies to the ingredients can also regularly
cause symptoms like redness, swelling, dryness and itching. Plus, germs can easily spread by sharing eye
makeup from person to person. Eyeliner pencils and mascara wands can do
some pretty serious damage, too. Experts say that they can damage your lens
during application and lead to painful abrasions with just one slip of the wrist. Eyeliner might be pretty, but a corneal scratch
is not. Goodbye to dry skin Makeup messes with our skin’s natural cell
renewal process, which can wreak havoc on the surface, especially on those nights when
we’re just too tired to wash the makeup up off our faces. Leaving makeup on overnight like this allows
the day’s dead skin cells to accumulate with residue and interrupts the formation of new
skin cells, which leads to a dull skin tone. So, washing it all away leaves us with a face
that’s more vibrant and hydrated. Fewer allergic reactions Every day makeup and skin care products are
filled with agents like parabens, sulfates, and metals, which are among the many substances
that commonly cause allergic reactions. “Benadryl, a lot of Benadryl. A lot a lot of
Benadryl.” “What, what, you?” “Ohhhh, Oh, Whoohooo.” A bad reaction to these substances can lead
to contact dermatitis, which appears as red, dry patches on the surface of the skin. If that happens, it’s best to ditch the product
that’s causing the cellular commotion. Going makeup-free, of course, can avoid this
problem altogether. A healthier you Besides reducing breakouts, evening your skin
tone, and helping to keep your face looking and feeling healthier, ditching your makeup
addiction can have positive effects on the rest of your body as well. That’s because those pesky carcinogens found
in lip sticks and eyeshadows can take a toll on other parts of your body’s health as well,
like increasing high blood pressure, behavioral abnormalities, and even rates of fertility. So while you don’t have to swear off makeup
forever, it might not be a bad idea to give your body a break from this stuff every now
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