There’s more to vision than meets the eye

You don’t. You don’t see things with your eyes. True, you look at things with your eyes
but you see with your brain. Your eyes are merely the gateway. For decades, man has tested the eyes
to better understand how we see. Yet the real answers lie somewhere deeper. Because what’s in front of your eyes
only becomes visible behind them. The time has come for a paradigm shift – to change how we see our vision. We call it Ocusweep. A simple, yet comprehensive test
of your visual performance. A tool for testing your eyesight, – visual field, – contrast vision – and reaction time. Ocusweep may even detect a defect
you didn’t know you had – detect it so early,
it will never become a problem. Ocusweep is not only a way to measure your vision, – but a way to better understand what you see. Because there’s more to vision
than meets the eye.

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