The iPad as a remote desktop: Kalim’s low vision solution

I’m going to demonstrate how the remote desktop
works. And I’ve just got it running at the bottom
of my screen. It’s just running right there.
So I’m going to jump off the computer right now. And show you how it basically works off your iPad. Here’s the app, down here. This, at the moment, this is my device logged
on to their sever, as you have to pay for this kind of software.
So I’ll quickly jump on to it’s desktop, so it’s going to log me in straight away. because
I’ve already set it up to do that. And it brings up your desktop. And I use this
because it’s a touch screen and you don’t have to find the mouse. And it’s got a built
in keyboard, with all the Windows keys, your Mac keys, whatever you are using.
And there it is right there. And you can see that it is the same as my
desktop. So I can basically do anything on it.
So I can open up the web browser. And so another key feature that I like is zooming. Not just your normal zoom on your iOS device or whatever you are accessing it from, is the
zoom in the actual programme itself, so you can zoom right in to see the “Rap” and “Pop” right there. So I’m going to quickly open up the web browser.
So here it is here. So if I just type “Trade Me” in there, or, I’ll
go “Trade Me”. Ah, there’s the “Search” key.
Ah, I’ve spelt it wrong. So there it is on the web.
And it’s the same on the computer screen. I find this really helpful, because I can
zoom right in and I can bring it right up to my face without any keyboard or any hardware
or anything like that in the way. And it’s just clicking as you see it on the
screen, so instead of going like trying to find the mouse on your screen.
Say if I place the mouse here, if I can find it, yeah there, I have to look around
to find it. And If I want to click say “My Trade Me”,
I’d have to find the mouse, then click it. Other than if I just hit “Browse” on the iPad,
you can just see it straight away, working. There you go.
If I left my laptop on at home and say this one, this one here is quite heavy. It weighs
about 4 kgs. And I just access it from, say Uni via this
remote desktop because there is no wires you are using wifi to manipulate this sort of
thing. So if I close the lid and push the computer
away, it’s still gonna work the same because it’s not running off the iPad as such, but the iPad
is running this from a server which this computer is connected to at the moment.
So that’s basically how that works. Many thanks to Kalim. For more information
and ideas, contact

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