The Hilarious Infinity War Line That Was Dave Bautista Improv

Despite its seriousness, Avengers: Infinity
War is at times a pretty lighthearted movie, and in keeping with Marvel Studios tradition,
a lot of its best moments are totally improvised. We’re getting into major spoilers for Infinity
War, so turn back now if you’re one of the three people on Earth who hasn’t seen it. A new interview with the film’s screenwriters
on Yahoo Entertainment has shed light on one of Infinity War’s biggest laugh-out-loud moments,
revealing it to be a clever bit of improv from Dave Bautista, who plays Drax. According to Christopher Markus, who co-wrote
the script for Infinity War with Stephen McFeely, Bautista made a significant addition the script,
punching the scene up by throwing in an extra quip for Drax at the end of one exchange. Markus explained: “The script only said, ‘Where is Gamora?’ ‘I’ll do you even better: Who is Gamora?’ And then one day Bautista just goes, ‘I’ll
do you one better: Why is Gamora?’ It’s like, ‘OK, you’re very good at your job.'” The hilarious Drax line is just one of the
examples from Infinity War of an actor elevating what was in the script to something even more
resonant. According to the movie’s co-director Joe Russo,
Spider-Man actor Tom Holland completely improvised his final scene, after Thanos successfully
managed to disintegrate half of all life in the universe. Thanks to the actor’s heartbreakingly realistic
performance, his disintegration hit many viewers the hardest of them all, while also inspiring
a pretty solid meme. The improvisation in Infinity War is par for
the course for Marvel Studios, which has reportedly produced entire films that are composed mostly
of improv. Jeff Bridges revealed years ago that much
of 2008’s Iron Man was essentially improvised, saying: “They had an outline. We would show up for big scenes every day
and we wouldn’t know what we were going to say.” “All the guys are in the studio, tapping their
foot, looking at the watch, and we’re in my trailer trying to figure out our lines, man!” The loose approach for that first film wasn’t
necessarily an accident, as Don Cheadle has said that Iron Man 2 also lacked a locked-in
script, explaining: “To be honest, we did improv a lot. We were very often sort of on a journey of
discovery in the scenes.” While other movies in the MCU have generally
had completed scripts, most of them have at times allowed an atmosphere of improvisation. “When you’re standing around set for hours,
you think of dumb stuff to say, and sometimes you say it when they’re rolling.” One of those moments took place in Captain
America: Civil War, during Tony Stark’s first scene with Peter Parker. According to the movie’s official commentary
track, Holland forgot the blocking of the scene while they were shooting it, and Downey
telling him to “move the leg” was his way of saving the scene while staying in character. “I’m gonna sit here, so you move the leg.” The second movie in the MCU, The Incredible
Hulk, also featured an entire scene of improv. William Hurt said that his post-credit scene
as General Ross didn’t have any lines written down. “I hear you have an unusual problem.” “You should talk.” “You should listen.” Each Avengers movie has at least one great
little improvised moment. Tony Stark offered Captain America some blueberries
in The Avengers because Downey had a habit of hiding snacks around set and taking them
out during scenes. “In a few hours, I’ll know every dirty secret
S.H.I.E.L.D. has ever tried to hide. Blueberry?” In Age of Ultron, Jeremy Renner took a moment
to ad-lib a joke about shooting Quicksilver in the midst of all the action. “Nobody would know. Nobody. ‘And the last I saw him was when Ultron was
sitting on him’, yeah I’ll be missed. Quick little bastard.” But the most improv-heavy movie in the MCU
is likely Thor: Ragnarok, according to director Taika Waititi. “I would say we improvised probably 80 percent
of the film.” It’s an approach that feels risky, but with
enough talent in the room, it’s apparently an approach that works. “Time works real different around these parts. On any other world I’d be like millions of
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