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We spent a couple of days
filming at this military surplus store
in rural Georgia. The customers were great,
but it was unusually difficult to get them to sign their
releases to appear on the show. Turns out that survivalists,
off-gridders, and doomsday preppers
aren’t interested in being on
a hidden-camera TV show. Fortunately, though,
we got the few that we needed. Doing a little demo here, showing the different camos.
You know? I was looking for something
that I bought a long time ago but I never found again. It was green like… Like that one. There’s one over there,
but it’s not the same. Oh, yeah. Just be careful
when you’re shopping, because the ones — if they have
the retinal-camo logo, they’re very expensive. Oh, really? Yeah, the other ones aren’t
as expensive as this one, ’cause the retinal camo — I’m gonna put it on.
You’ll see the difference. You see how — They weave it,
and the threads have metallic threads
inside of it. Yeah. So it sort of bounces — The light bounces off your eyes
a little bit. Do you see that? Yeah. And this one
comes with — Did you see how this… Oh, wow! Yeah, it’s hiding on there. And it’s good,
because you could keep it, and only half of it
has it, and the other half
doesn’t have it. So one half has it,
and it doesn’t. And this is the main shirt
that comes with… It’s like a utility shirt. And you don’t see
anything on there. Uh-huh. But in the woods
or whatever… And that’s a real — That’s a real Army compass
right there. Wow. Yeah.
It’s great, right? You see it on the shoulder?
You can see that. Uh-huh. You see it shining?
You don’t see that. No. Come on. Are you playing with me?
Really? You see this? [ Gasps ] Wow! No. You don’t see it? No! Yeah, yeah.
When it’s the same kind… And this is a utility item. Wow! Yeah, so that you can have
all your stuff on there. Something like this, you hold
it up, and you won’t see it. You know what I mean? It’s hard to see it, right? Yes. Like that.
And this is… Right? [ Gasps ] So you can wear this, and you don’t really
feel anything on there. Like, if you’re trying —
like, people are trying to get things like… Wow! ‘Cause you’re not allowed to
have stuff on the airplane… Wow. …that’s that large, so people just bring
their regular products on. I’m trying to see it. Yeah, you can’t see it,
right? And all the way around the back.
Feel that on the back. Do you feel that? Yeah. Feels a little puffy, right? Uh-huh. Do you see it? No. Come on. No. Now that you know,
you don’t see that? You see it.
See the way it’s shining? It’s like a bump. No? No. Come on.
You don’t see that? No. See, that’s why I get
away with that at the
airport all the time. I bring Tucker with me. ‘Cause he’s patterned — Oh! …in this little
camo outfit. [ Kitten meows ] Isn’t he great? Yes.
[ Giggling ] This is Tucker. [ Speaking indistinctly ] Yeah, and he just sits in
a little pocket, and I can bring him
on the plane. Oh, my gosh. [ Smooches ] Isn’t he the best? Oh, my gosh. So, if you’re interested
in hiding anything, it’s retinal camo. You’re gonna want
to use that. Wow. Yeah. You can’t see it, right? Uh-huh. When it’s on there,
it’s hidden. Wow. Yeah. It’s brand-new.
Yeah, retinal camo. Okay, thank you. Bye-bye.
“Meow! Bye-bye!” All right, I won’t be
seeing you later. Okay. It’s a little camo joke.


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