Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah – Ep 2883 – Full Episode – 13th December 2019

Sodhi! We will have to explain to
him without force. Yes, we will have
to explain to him and take him to the asylum.
– Yeah. Why isn’t anyone listening? I think we should
call the hospital. They will send a doctor. What are you saying? Till the time we call,
they come and take him what if he creates
nuisance till then? Hathi! Yeah, you are right. We will have to
take care of him. We should take him
to the hospital. Come..
– Let’s have a look. He’s crossing limits. He’s disturbing..
– Who’s there? everyone late night. Who’s there? Jetha! What?
– Bhide! Hathi! Who are you? Jetha? Hathi? Bhide? Mister, who are you? Wait a minute, who are you all? And what are you doing
in my Gokuldham society? Your society? Yes, our Gokuldham society. I haven’t seen
anyone of you before. Who are you all? I’m Rohit. Rohit? Who’s Rohit? There is no Rohit
in our society. No, mister. We don’t reside here.
We came to roam around. Yes, mister.
We came to meet someone. Who are you? I’m Champaklaal Gada. I live here, in this society. I’m calling out since long but my son, Jethalaal Bhide, Taarak,
none of them are answering. None of them stay here. They don’t live here.. What are you saying? Mister, they came here
for the first time. That is why, they don’t know. The names you called live here. Bhide, Jetha,
Taarak reside here. Yeah, so call them.. Jetha! Taarak! Bhide! We will have to take him
to the hospital in a sly manner. Yes. Mister, come.
I will take you somewhere. One minute.. Where are you taking me? I stay here. I won’t go anywhere. Go wherever you want to go. Mister, you don’t understand. You need medical help. Medical help? Nothing happened to me. I just have hazy vision. Come,
we will take you to the doctor. You will start
seeing everything. You are unwell. Who are you all? What are you saying? Taarak, Jetha! Bhide! Mister, now it’s enough. The names that you are
calling out don’t stay here. We got to know
that you absconded from the mental asylum in Thane. Asylum? Thane? Thane? Am I in Thane? Yes, mister.
You are in Thane. This is Thane’s
Gokuldham society. What? ‘Mister. – Yes.
We reached Gokuldham society.’ ‘There can be
anything in the bag.’ ‘There can be a bomb as well.’ ‘Where do you have to go?’ ‘I need to go to Powder Street,
Gokuldham society.’ ‘You are enduring immense
difficulty for me.’ ‘Mister, it’s not like that.’ ‘What will you take?’ ‘Orange or Lime?’ ‘Many have taken me home.’ ‘Today, I will drop you home.’ ‘Give me your chain.’ “Beautiful road
and great weather.” Thane? Thane! Hail Lord Rama.. Hail Lord Rama.. Come,
let’s take him to the hospital. Come, nothing will happen.
– I’m not going anywhere. Nothing will happen.. Hail Lord Rama.. I won’t go..
– Mister, come.. I won’t go!
– Nothing will happen. Hail Lord Rama.. Hail Lord Rama.. I won’t go..
– Mister, come.. I won’t go! Sir!
– Mr. Champak? Hail Lord Rama! Hail Lord Rama! Hey, sir!
– Who is Mr. Champak? Dad’s friend. Hey, sir.
– Take this man away. Come on. We are doing it
for your goodwill. Hey, sir. Please come along. Come on.
– No, I will not go. Hey! Hold on. Hold on.
Hey, Mr. Champak, you.. Yes.
– Hail Lord Rama! Hail Lord Rama! Hail Lord Rama! Hail Lord Rama! Hail Lord Rama! You know me?
Who are you? Mr. Champak, I am Satish.
Mr. Natha’s son. Natha’s son Satish?
Satish, it’s you! All hail to Lord Ram! Hail to Lord Rama! Hey, he knows me. But why did you not
recognise me? How do I tell you, child? My glasses broke
yesterday night. So, because of that
everything appears blurry to me. Oh, yes! Dad told me
in the morning. But, Satish,
what are you doing here? Mr. Champaklaal,
this is my sister Neha she lives here.
– Hello, Mr. Champak. Hello. The thing is
today is dad’s birthday. So, Neha has organised
dad’s birthday party at home.
So, I brought dad here. Is it?
Where is he? Where is Natha? Dad is here at home.
– Natha is here? Yes.
– Oh, wow! Ms. Neha, do you know him? No, I don’t know him.
This is my brother he knows him. He is my father’s friend. Mr Champaklaal.
– Yes. If he is your father’s friend then why was he calling out names like Jetha,
Bhide and Mehta? I think he is having a fit. Yes, he is having a fit. Hey! Hold on.
Calm down. Please calm down
for a moment. Mr. Champaklaal,
what are they saying? Why are you calling out
these names here? Hold on. Is there any bus stop
named Gokuldham here? Yes, there is.
It’s nearby from here. Yes.
I understood. I understood everything.
So, the thing is because of not wearing glasses
everything appears blurry to me. That is why I asked for help
to somebody on the way. I told him that I wanted to go
to the Gokuldham Society in Powder Street. But he made me sit on a bus
to Thane’s Gokuldham Society instead of Powder Street’s
Gokuldham Society and I reached here.
– Hold on. You are talking
about the Gokuldham Society in Powder Street where
a lot of events are held? Yes.
– Where they host a JPL match? Yes. – Where all
the movie stars come? Yes that Gokuldham Society. Sir, it was a pleasure
meeting you. Your society is very famous. Yes, that’s true. But I apologise to you all.. No, sir.
We should apologise to you. Sorry, sir.
We misunderstood you. Sorry, sir. Hey, no. Why are you all saying
sorry to me? It’s my fault.
I am sorry. Because of me
you all were disturbed. No, sir.
Let’s go. By the way,
Mr. Champaklaal to be honest
it was your fault. When you couldn’t see anything
clearly, you shouldn’t have gone out of the house. Hey, Satish, don’t teach me. It is all your father’s fault. I promised him
that on his birthday I will gift him a blood pressure
checking machine. So, when I forgot
to give him a gift he was really upset
with me. Tiwari called me
saying that Natha is upset. So, to get him
a BP checking machine I went out of the house
and lost my way. Sorry, Mr. Champaklaal. Come on,
I will make you meet him. I will meet Natha later.
You first tell me if you have Jetha’s
mobile number. Yes, I have his number. These prayers didn’t work. What?
What did you say? Jethalaal, didn’t you say that Ms. Daya’s mother
has said that singing the prayers will help us find
Mr. Champaklaal so until now
we haven’t heard from him. ‘Why is Mr. Natha’s
son Satish calling me?’ Mr. Jetha hung up
the phone. Oh!
Jetha is too much. You call him again. Who is it, Jethalaal? Mr. Natha’s son Satish
is calling constantly. Then pick it up.
It could be something important. Yes, tell me, Satish. Hey, it’s not Satish.
It’s your father speaking. Dad! Mr. Champak. Dad’s call.
Dad, where are you? Jethalaal, put it
on speaker mode. Yes.
– Yes, put it. Dad, where are you? I will tell you
all that later. You tell me first
why were you cutting the call? Dad, I will tell you
all that later. First, you tell me
if you’re okay. Yes, I am fine
and I am with Satish. Hey, listen, people dad is all right.
He is with Satish. Congratulations! All hail to.. The Lord Rama. Great! Great!
– Jetha! Jetha. Hold on.
– Jetha! Hold on.
Dad is saying something. Be quiet, please.
Where are you? I am in Thane.
– You’re in the police station. He’s in Thane!
– Yes. How did you go to Thane? How did you meet Satish, Dad? Jetha, it’s a long story. I don’t have the patience
to explain everything. I will tell you everything
after coming home. Dad, please stay there.
We will come pick you up. Pass me the phone.
– Here. Mr. Jetha,
this is Satish speaking. Yes, Satish. Your father is fine.
He is in Thane, along with me. It’s my father’s birthday today. We will celebrate
my father’s birthday we will come to Gokuldham
Society from Thane. That’s great!
– But Satish.. Jetha, Satish is right. You have to come here
all the way from Gokuldham. It will be late
until we go home. Listen to me.. We’ll celebrate Natha’s birthday
and come to Gokuldham Society from Thane.
I’ll see you there. But Dad..
All right. Please come soon. Everyone is waiting for you
in the compound. – Yes.. Okay.
Here.. I am glad,
Mr. Champak is all right and he’s at the police station.
– Yes.. Yes! All hail Lord Rama.. Hail.. Thank You so much, Lord,
for helping us find Mr. Champak. Thank You, Lord Ganapati.
Thank You so much. Ms. Daya’s mother’s advice
was very helpful, right? Yes. But I don’t understand
why Mr. Natha’s birthday is being celebrated
at the police station. Mr. Chalu Pandey might have
insisted them to celebrate the birthday
at the police station. Did you see that? Mr. Chalu Pandey is so kind. He appears stern
but he’s so sensitive. Yes.. He’s so sensitive. He’s celebrating my father’s
birthday at the police station. Have you ever come across
such an inspector? – Yes.. Mr. Jetha, I have an idea.
– Yes, tell us. Why don’t we go
to the police station and surprise Mr. Natha
and Mr. Champaklaal? Babita, good thought. Let’s take a cake
and balloons for Mr. Natha. Mr. Natha and Mr. Champak
will be pleased by it. – Yes.. Let’s take a cake
for Mr. Pandey as well. That’s a good idea.
– I agree. We need to thank Mr. Pandey
for finding Mr. Champaklaal. Yes! Mr. Pandey has solved our case
for the first time. So, we have to congratulate him.
– You’re right. You’re right.
– That’s a good idea. Let’s buy balloons, caps
and cake on the way. Okay.
– Yes! Hold on a minute. We have to buy a cake
and balloons but we need to buy something
very important. What is it?
– What is it? My father had promised to
gift something to Mr. Natha on his birthday. Oh, yes!
That’s the root of this problem. That’s a good idea.
– But what is it? Yes.. An electronic machine which
measures the blood pressure. Mr. Champak and I were going
to buy it. – I see.. Wow, this is great! We shall go to the
police station and celebrate Mr. Natha’s birthday. At the same time,
we shall celebrate because Mr. Pandey
solved a case. Yay! That’s the spirit!
Let’s go quickly! Let’s go.. An entire day has passed
and I couldn’t find Mr. Champak. If I can’t find Mr. Champak I will be humiliated
in front of the residents of Gokuldham Society. Sir, don’t worry. We’ll find Jethalaal’s father.
– Don’t worry about me, Patil. I am worried about Jethalaal. He must be crying
because his father is missing. Hey.. Congratulations
and celebrations! Mr. Pandey has performed
a miracle.. Congratulations
and celebrations.. Mr. Pandey has performed
a miracle.. Congratulations
and celebrations.. Mr. Pandey has performed
a miracle.. Mr. Pandey did it.. Hip hip hooray.. Wow.. Hold on! Stop it.. We shall not stop.
We’ll not stop celebrating! First, we shall cut a cake
for you and Mr. Natha. Cut the cake.. Yay! Mr. Pandey said,
Jethalaal will be distressed. But he is in a mood to party.
– I am so confused. ‘Case solved!’ Wow! That’s wonderful,
Mr. Chalu Pandey! You solved the case finally.
– Yes! That’s why we’ve got
that special yellow cake for you with the graffiti,
‘CASE SOLVED’. – Yes! Mr. Pandey,
I’m sure you’re happy that you solved the case.
That’s amazing! – Yes.. Exactly!
– Yes. What! – So, we’ll celebrate
by cutting the cake for solving the case
on Mr. Natha’s birthday. Yes.. But I haven’t solved
the case! Listen to him! This is the identity of the
police who is true and honest. Mr. Pandey solved
such a difficult case yet, he is so modest. Yes, Mr. Pandey,
you are indeed humble. Salute! Right, Baga.
Mr. Jetha, give him credit. Credit?
How can I give him a credit? No, Jethalaal, Mr. Nattu isn’t taking
about the financial credit. He wants you to praise him
for the success. Who are we to praise
him for his success? Mr. Chalu.. Mr. Pandey,
you are indeed great. You found dad,
and you’re celebrating Mr. Natha’s birthday
as well! That’s wonderful..
– Amazing.. The birthday..
– Mr. Pandey, we’ve got cakes balloons, flowers, garland to celebrate his birthday. Yes. Look..
– No.. Don’t stop us. Just watch how we’re going
to celebrate. – Exactly.. Just tell us
where Dad and Mr. Natha are. Exactly.. Please be silent.. What is this chaos? Who are you people
talking about? Who told you
that I’ve found your dad? Who told you
that the case has been solved? Don’t do this. Mr. Chalu..
Mr. Pandey, don’t do this.. What is that
you don’t want me to do? Don’t joke around. Jethalaal, stop laughing.
Otherwise, I’ll make you cry. Who told you
that I’ve found your dad? Tell me? Mr. Pandey, what are you saying? You’ve found Mr. Champaklaal,
haven’t you? I haven’t found him..
I haven’t found him.. Stop it, Mr. Chalu..
Mr. Pandey, it’s enough. How long are you going to be
serious and fool us? Exactly.. Dad himself gave me a call and told me that
he’s in the police station. How can Mr. Champaklaal
be in our police station? I don’t know. I just called the control room to enquire
whether they’ve found your dad and they said they haven’t. And you’re saying
that we’ve found him! How is that possible?
– Exactly! Mr. Champaklaal and Mr. Natha
gave us a call from the station. What! And they told us
that they’re in the station. Yes.
– In the police station! Where is Mr. Champaklaal?
– Yes, where is he? Jethalaal, I think
there’s some confusion. Why don’t you call Mr. Natha and
ask him where they are? Yes, dial Natha’s number.
– Have some respect, sir. He is an old man.
– Okay, call Mr. Natha. It’s ringing..
– Then, put it on speaker mode. The flowers were nearly
going to blossom.. We almost found Mr. Champak,
but we didn’t find him. Often, when people are tense,
they don’t listen or comprehend properly. That’s exactly
what happened here. Mr. Champak told them
that he was in Thane an area near Mumbai. And Jethalaal thought
he is in the police station. And they all reached
the police station to celebrate
Mr. Natha’s birthday with balloons and an extra cake. They’re taking a cake
for Mr. Chalu Pandey to celebrate the success
of solving the case. Just think about it. Mr. Chalu Pandey
is already angry and frustrated with the people
of Gokuldham Society. Mr. Chalu Pandey
is leaving no stone unturned to find Mr. Champaklaal. Imagine how angry
Mr. Chalu Pandey is going to be when he sees the cake
which they’ve got for him to celebrate the success
for solving the case. Think about it.
He is going to be very angry. Chalu Pandey’s anger
and the residents of Gokuldham.. A bomb of laughter will burst. When we all will watch
this programme. Keep watching ‘Taarak Mehta
Ka Ooltah Chashmah’. Keep watching, keep laughing.


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