Southern Eye Center’s Dr. Cameron Griffith

I’m Cameron Griffith. I’m a cornea specialist
here at Southern Eye Center. I do LASIK, cataract and dry eyes. I will be doing the corneal
inlays, as well as corneal procedures. Corneal transplants, cancers, and things of that nature. As a surgeon, that’s what I want to be. I
want to be a surgeon. I want to be able to help people to see well with everything that
life brings them through surgical procedures. Say someone’s near sighted, far sighted, they
have astigmatism in their 20’s and they’re looking to get out their glasses or contacts,
I can offer them LASIK. Later on, that patient will maybe fall into reading glasses and realize
that “Gosh. I don’t want to do this anymore,” at which point a corneal inlay will be for
them, and then even further down the line, as they develop cataracts, I can take those
cataracts out for them and help them see good after that. Schedule your free all-laser LASIK
evaluation at Southern Eye Center. Call 601-450-2020 or visit

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