SOLUTION FOR PUFFY EYES & DARK CIRCLES II आँखों की सूजन और काले घेरों का कुदरती ईलाज II

Namaste Friends, Welcome to Namrata’s gorgeous world of beauty. Welcome yet again with lots of fun and lots of beauty tips. Well we often discuss that what to do for beautiful skin, what do to for looking beautiful. well, today also will discuss that sort of because we are here to discuss beauty. Right? but you know Every time we discuss seasonal tips, beauty tips Here also will go natural way , don’t worry we won’t use any chemicals. So the hero of our today’s video is Neither there are khans nor kapoors That is cucumber Yes, you heard it right cucumber, Kheera , Kakdi you can name it anything. This is something without this none of our fruit salad gets completed. I means at the table at home we fruits , definitely cucumber is there. Right? So we have cucumber in our daily diet. We do we have this particular fruit, do you have any idea. No, I am sure you have Because it has lots of cooling effect It contains so much of water content & hydrate properties. But as far as your skin diet is concern Even in skin diet also its really very beneficial Because it has cooling effect, water retention It contains lot of ascorbic acid which retains water in your body. So, let us see some beauty benefits of Cucumber The Hero. Ok, so you get ready with paper and pen First of all will see the beauty benefits of cucumber for eyes I means eyes are something that people really get attracted Now, since if you are a lady. Everybody ask what looks best in a lady is ? Eyes, So you know if you have puffy eyes Like sometime you are awaken till late or due to non sleepy you get puffy eyes So when you go out people ask you what happened. Are you unwell? Are you not keeping well, what happen any tension, stress? All you can say is boss its just a puffy eyes I am pretty fine. But when you come back you think , shit what do I do about it. Isn’t it? I will give you a tip very easy & convenient You crunch on cucumber anytime right? Don’t do anything just take 2 slices and put them on your eyes Relax for 15 minutes, just go off to sleep Those 15 minutes would be heaven for you Apply this and get rid of puffy eyes Trust me this will help And then you will thank me and my channel Like, how good tips we get from Namrata. We get sorted quickly from the puffiness Because for good skin, if we are eating good But if you have puffy eyes, Then it doesn’t work boss Try this tip and you will love this The second tip of our cucumber the hero is for your tired eyes and dark circles Like tired eyes, post your work School, college Why am I saying school because even teenage girl can use it . . Its not necessary that I am 30+, 40+ I am adult, I am 25 Everybody can use it even me Its not like that this tip is for ladies not for me. No You can use, because you know you study late night You work through out the day , you get tired You stay out late for work, you get up early for work Three is so much of tiredness, stress, Why can’t we have a stress free Meantime, what tip I can give you for dark circles and tired eyes is Take potato extract its juice , take cucumber extract its juice and mix it in equal quantity Now you have juice, you don’t have to drink What you have to do is , just apply all the way your eyes Sit down relax for 15-20 minutes and then wash it off. You will see the difference eventually Because these dark circles comes eventually so they go eventually And why cucumber, why can’t we use any other fruit These are the questions that why cant we use any other fruit The reason is cucumber contains ascorbic acid as I said It also has silica and anti-oxidants. So anti-oxidant properties help you to remove the dark circles It lightens them and your eyes looks fresh each day Try this tip & you will love & again share my videos, subscribe my channel and comment below Yes, Because as I say sharing increases happiness And people will praise you for your tips given , so definitely you will also benefited. Anyways, so please keep liking my videos, share it , comment, subscribe Till then I will see you again bye.

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