Small Incision Cataract Surgery PreOp Patient Education

Your doctor has recommended that you undergo
lens replacement surgery to treat a cataract. But what does that actually mean? The human eye is constructed like a camera
– with a clear lens in the front. The lens is located just behind the iris. It is contained
in an elastic capsule. This capsule will serve as the housing for the new lens. All light
that enters the eye has to pass through this lens. As we age, this lens can become cloudy and
gradually lose its ability to focus properly. This is called a cataract.If left untreated,
a cataract can grow steadily worse – interfering more and more with your vision.
Generally, replacing a cataract with an artificial lens is a simple procedure. It usually involves a single incision in the
white of the eye. Through this single opening the cataract is removed and the artificial
lens is inserted.

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