Short HELP Talk: Diabetic Retinopathy

Good Evening we are going to discuss some of the commonal Retinal Eye Problem Retina is the most important part of the eye with which you see well and clearly This diseases are not so commomly known so the emphasis would be on highlighting The Importance of this disease is like the iceberg u know that many of these diseases though they are prevelent are not picked up Today we are going to discuss what is most important is Diabetes and Diabetic Retinopathy As we know that One out of four or five persons today in our family may be suffering from diabetes It is sad to know that many of this patient do not control their diabetes It is still sadder to know that many of this patients do not get their eyes check or there family doctor or there diabetologist or Chemist from whom they are taking there medicine do not tell them go to an Eye doctor and check retina As a result of which we see many patients with Diabetic Retinopathy as we tell disease of the retina due to diabetes In the late stages patients have already lost significant vision in one eye and beginning of loss of vision in other eye and this patient are caught unaware and the treatment does not help them to get the better vision or the best vision possible so emphasis is on diagnosing this condition when person is having diabetes has not lost any vision and treating them in the initial stages What I am going to show you this patient who has Diabetic Retinopathy as we call it This are yellow spots on the retina in the portion called maculo Which is called diabetic maculopathy and the sweling in the retina here and this patient has the similar disease in both eye and the visual acuity or the quality of vision are markenlly poor This patient has been treated for four to five years with the control of diabetes and bloodpressure and laser treatment you can see that retina looks normal and this patient had near normal vision However after a year or two the patient had again leakage in the retina and needed again laser treatment The common question we are asked is doctor we are controlling diabetes why not retina is getting cure and the answer to that is you are controlling diabetes not curing diabetes and you need get your retina check periodically lifelong Now these are advance cases of Diabetic Retinopathy what we call prolific diabetic retinopathy Here as you see that there is some abnormal yellowish looking tissue growing on the retina this are the vessels on the retina and this the young boy who is an architect and who has lost significant vision following this disease However following surgery this patient has recovered good vision and has been pratically normal and he has this surgery is called vitrectomy in which we remove card tissue from the retina do laser remove all the bloodclot on the retina The usual outcome of this procedure is good in more than 70 to 90 percent of patient and they do well anatomically and result wise depending on the patient and damage to the under laying retina They recover the vision however 5 percent of patient may not recover any visual acuity following surgery Similarly this was another patient who has lost one eye In a similar type of vitrectomy operation elsewhere and this was the only eye and the patient was about 40 years old and he was scared to go under operation Because he had useful vision and he lost the other eyes with a prominent eye surgeon However he was convienced to get operated and following surgery he has recovered well and normal vision So again i think in this condition the experience the surgeon matters the cooperation of the patient’s matters and i can defintely say if you control your diabetes, blood pressure and health parametres well look after your health as much you look after your wealth and family With the today the treatment of lasers injection in the eye called avaskular nekrosis vitrect surgery we are able to help more than 90 patients with Diabetic Retinopathy It is Important that you pick them up early and if you are detected diabetes It is better to have eye examination Once a year an a specially retina examination once a year even if you don’t have any problem with your eye site and i am sure this will help you and your family to live healthy and see better Thank you

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