Seeing AI app from Microsoft

Seeing AI is a Microsoft
research project for people with visual impairments. The app narrates the world
around you by turning the visual world into
an audible experience. Point your phone’s camera,
select a channel, and hear a description. The app recognizes
saved friends.>>Jenny near, top right,
three feet away. Describes the people around
you, including their emotions.>>28 year old female,
wearing glasses, looking happy. It reads text out loud
as it comes into view, like on an envelope.>>Kim Lawrence PO Box. Or a room entrance.>>Conference 2005. Or scan and read documents
like books and letters. The app will guide you and recognize the text
with its formatting.>>Top and
left edges not visible.>>Hold steady.>>Lease agreement.>>This agreement-
When paying with cash, the app identifies
currency bills.>>20 US dollars. When looking for
something in your pantry or at the store, use the bar code
scanner with audio cues to help you find what you want.>>Campbell’s tomato soup. When available,
hear additional product details.>>Heat in microwave
bowl on high And even hear descriptions of images in other apps, like Twitter, by importing
them into Seeing AI.>>A close up of Bill Gates. Finally, explore our
experimental features, like scene descriptions,
to get a glimpse of the future.>>I think it’s a young girl
throwing a frisbee in the park. Experience
the world around you with the Seeing AI
app from Microsoft. [MUSIC]

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