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Well students, we’ve narrowed it
down to three science fair projects to see who takes home the gold. And by gold, I mean this plastic
trophy covered in metallic paint. This year, my project was
Music to My Ears. I studied the effect of
music on plant growth. Wow, that sounds interesting. Mine is Edward’s Eruption. I studied what kind of candy
makes soda explode. Robbie? – Robbie?
– Oh! Yeah, sorry. Um, I was studying how to make
a battery from a lemon and… How do I say this? I accidentally time traveled? Right. And what materials
were used for your project? Um, a lemon, nickels, copper wires, LED lights,
uh, the space-time continuum! And… Wait a minute…
What year is it? When am I? OK, that’s enough of that. Tell me about the proposed materials
you used for your hypothesis. My independent variable was the music. Mozart, of course. I dropped a candy in each
12 ounce bottle of soda. Um, I went to the Wild West and
got chased by a thousand buffalo! One of them ripped my pants. OK Robbie, we’re talking about hypothesis. Oh… Well, if Romans wear sandals, then they shouldn’t be able
to run very fast. But they sure did! I got chased by a hundred of them. OK, Robbie… Did anyone else jump through time? No. I just got soda all over my kitchen. My mom got really mad. Your mommy got mad at you? I’m so sorry. Napoleon yelled at me! OK, let’s move onto conclusions. Not surprisingly, the plants
that were played classical music grew the most. I found out that Mentos make
the biggest soda volcano. Well, there is no soda in the future. Because soda got replaced by
Blorzo Juice, which is actually a pill! They had ads on all the flying buses. And in the future, that haircut
is actually popular. OK, I feel like we’re getting a little
off topic from the lemon matter. Oh, you’re telling me? I was just trying to make
an electrical circuit with paperclips and lemons,
and the next thing you know, I’m running from a T-Rex! Heck yeah! Oh, oh, oh, oh… Sorry. The future people put a chip
behind my eyelids that plays movies whenever it wants. They made me watch
87 Adam Sandler movies. In a row. I don’t know how to turn it off. OK, back to the science fair, everyone. Oh, I win the science fair too.
I saw that part. Aw, man! Really? Really, Robbie? You think you’re gonna win
the science fair with this lemon thing– [moaning] [screaming] – Whoa…
– I knew that was gonna happen. Oh my goodness. – I saw cavemen.
– Uh-huh. – And the Oregon Trail.
– Yeah. And Mount Vesuvius erupted. Here, take this, you win. – Told ya.
– Let’s go! [screaming] Now Miss Cadell, I’m going to bring in five suspects
for you to identify the assailant. I’m pretty sure we’ve got the one
who nearly tickled you to death. Officer, I honestly don’t remember
what they looked like. I was laughing too hard. – Just do you best.
– OK. Bring them all in. Do any of these suspects look familiar? – Um…
– Hello! None of them look familiar. Everyone turn to your left. Now to your right. [laughing] You’re tickling me, stop! Cut the funny business in there. How about now, Miss Cadell? No, sorry. I laughed so hard that I cried,
so my vision was a little blurry. OK well, maybe we can jog your memory. Number three, please step forward
and pretend to tickle. – What do you mean?
– I’ll show you! Ah, cuchi-cuchi-cuchi-coo! Cuchi-cuchi-cuchi-coo! Yes, exactly like that,
but wait your turn, number four. Ah, booga-booga,
cuchi-cuchi-cuchi-coo… Number two, same thing. – It wasn’t me!
– Alright, alright, number five. Um… tickle, tickle? And number four. I’m the tickle monster! Ah, cuchi-cuchi-cuchi-coo! Cuchi-cuchi-cuchi-cuchi-coo! – I just feel like it’s too close a call.
– Really? There isn’t one that sticks out
way more than the rest? He-he-he! – I mean, I don’t recognize any–
– I’m innocent! You know, but the fact that
he keeps screaming “I’m innocent” makes him seem really guilty, so… OK well, maybe a reenactment will help. Each of you tickle
the person to your right Oh, goodie! I love tickling! Again… Ah, cuchi-cuchi-cuchi-coo! You’re doing it all wrong! Like this! Cuchi-cuchi-coo! That’s enough! Aw, man! OK, this is ridiculous! – Yeah!
– Yeah, it is. This is a complete waste
of everybody’s time. I think it’s very obvious
that one of the five of us is a tickle monster! I’m so sorry.
Nothing is ringing a bell. Get ’em out of here. You know, Miss Cadell,
you’ve had a really hard day. How about we bring you in
after some rest and I promise we’ll get this monster
off the streets. Thanks, Officer Fowler. Well, next case. Bring in the Boogie Man suspects, please. Do any of these suspects
look familiar, ma’am? Hey YouTube, it’s Barack Obama
from All That. Like what you see?
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